Wednesday, 23 January 2013

TNA British Boot Camp - And the Winner is…

Last night saw the final of TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp and what a final it was! Joel Ross of Wrestle Talk TV tweeted to say “Loved #tnabritishbootcamp…And yes I did cry”; we didn’t cry but emotions were certainly running high. 

We were glad that the final was shown in two 30 minute shows as I don’t think our hearts could have taken an hour of the tension, the credits and titles gave us a chance to regroup. You may have noticed that we attempted to live tweet during the show but only managed a few tweets as we were glued to the screen.

The show not only brought in massive ratings for Challenge TV but it had a huge media presence and made fans out of people who had never had an interest in wrestling before. It was such compelling viewing and we hope that we see many more series’ to come, especially as there is a lot of talent in the UK that is still to be discovered. We know for sure that Sam (@Sportsmama32) would love to see Babyface Pitbull in TNA for a start.

Although we were openly supporting #TeamBlossom we can see why, what with his charisma and skills, Rockstar Spud was selected for the full-time contract over his rivals. We still however maintain that any of the contenders could fit into the TNA roster, and with the second chance which they were given at the end of the show, we might see them there yet. For those of you who didn’t see the show, Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan gave the emotional contenders the news that they are going on the Maximum Impact V UK Tour where they will be watched and reconsidered for a contract.

You could see that it was genuinely a tough decision for Hogan and Dixie to make and it’s one which we wouldn’t have liked to have made. We’d have given them all a contract! The biggest shock of the series for us was seeing just how awesome a wrestler “Party” Marty Scurll is when he faced the winner of the competition in the Impact Zone. We knew he was a good wrestler but WOAH he’s amazing, and so brave! It’s not often you see a wrestler execute a suicide dive towards the corner post.

When giving the wrestlers advice, Al Snow said that The Blossom Twins wrestled like men with boobs and that they should use their femininity more. The fact that the girls wrestle like men is one of the reasons why we are so drawn to them. Whilst we are fans of Al Snow and appreciate his experience in the field, as Chloé Buchanan (‏@MissChlosephine) said on Twitter last night “wrestling needs more women prepared to do more than prance around in their underwear. Screw you, Al Snow :P”.

As we said earlier, Rockstar Spud has charisma and, love or hate him, he has a presence that makes you want to watch him. He’s a premade star with a readymade character and as Hulk said in the show last night, he could be a heel or babyface. Of his win, Rockstar Spud said: “This is a dream come true. For anyone out there who tells you that you can't, I just proved that you CAN! I now can't wait to hit the Impact Zone and mix it up with the best professional wrestlers in the world. I promise I'll make everyone at home in the UK proud. But I can't promise I'll keep my mouth shut while doing it.” (Quote Source: