Friday, 8 February 2013

Tie Up Transmissions! Episde 002

We have been working hard at Tie Up and are now very proud to announce Tie Up Transmissions Episode 02!!

TUT is something which we are still testing out and will hopefully be bringing to you every fortnight. Please bear with us as we do have a few minor teething problems again in this episode, which we have a few ideas on how to fix them for next time.

In this episode Mark and George talk about all of this stuff:-

Once you've had a listen we'd love to hear what you think of the show. We will also welcome any ideas for topics which you'd like us to discuss. 

You can contact any of the team on the following Twitter handles:

Mark - @Mark_TUW
George - @George_SLTD
Sam - @Sportsmama32

Or email us at:- TUWrestling[at]gmail[dot]com

Well, here's the link! Enjoy!

Tie Up Transmissions - EP02 by Mark Torskyj