Sunday, 9 December 2012

Why Roode will lose at Final Resolution

Written by: @Sportsmama32 

We’ve seen predictions from Sam here at Tie Up Wrestling, and now we are excited to be able to share her very first wrestling post with you all. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we did. Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and share it with all of the other wrestling fans out there.

The IT Factor, Bobby Roode, will not shine so brightly this Sunday at TNA's Final Resolution. While he is one of the most formidable heels in the wrestling business, he will not take the World Heavyweight Title from Jeff Hardy. The irony is he really has no control over the factors.

Even though Roode handles the pressure of being a World Champion, single or tag team, I do not think he will be handed the gavel this time. It is public knowledge that Jeff Hardy has not signed a new contract with TNA. His contract is due to expire in early 2013.  Until TNA and Hardy come to terms, the apple cart will not be upset. It is imperative that Jeff Hardy is kept happy and in the lime light. He brings in viewers and money that TNA cannot afford to lose at this time. Even though Roode is a great champion, he does not carry the viewer rate or the merchandise sales that Hardy does. Until a new contract is signed, which Roode does not control, I foresee a “whatever Jeff wants, Jeff gets" aspect of TNA.

Another reason the IT Factor will not be successful is that James Storm is now battling a rib injury. After a year of build-up, fans are truly ready to see Storm put Roode down in a title match. It did not happen at Lockdown in Nashville, as some of us (me) thought it would. Roode and Storm have given the fans those great OMG moments and can continue to do so. Even though Roode left Bound for Glory as the "Tack Factor", I do not believe that was the end. There are still moments to be had between the two; but with Storm out, the story has to pause. Some of us are holding our breath for the next match between Roode and Storm. Could we be looking at another Lockdown match with a locked cage? Sure hope so. Storm's injury is another factor that Roode could not control.

Don’t forget the no Roode versus Aries again clause. While I am sure that there is a loop hole, is TNA ready for a heel versus heel run? As a fan, matches between them would have no emotion. No reason for the crowd to really back either one. Would the Selfish Generation overcome the Greatest Man That Ever Lived?  Doesn't really matter at this point in TNA. There is just not enough room to have two dominant heels in TNA unless they become a tag team.

Aces and Eights will be a factor on Sunday night. The question is, who benefits more? Roode or Hardy? At this point, it is not the fans that are growing more tired of the stagnant story line with no new revelations. Roode can't be the leader of the Selfish Generation in a club that he can't control. Not to mention selfish consist of one, not a group.

While I am not a fan of Bobby Roode, I do respect him as an athlete and entertainer. He has many accolades in professional wrestling, but I just don't believe he will regain the World Heavyweight Title at Final Resolution. It is not time for lightning to strike again. However, I do believe his time will come and soon. Remember - TNA, Roode, and Storm worked too hard to let that feud die quietly. Storm will still get revenge and the title that Roode will be holding.

Just a little insight into my feeble mind. Let me know what ya think.