Thursday, 17 May 2012

AJ’s Secret is Revealed on Impact Wrestling

We’ve finally been let in on the secret which Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have been blackmailing AJ Styles with for what seems like an age. We all know that Daniels and AJ haven’t seen eye to eye since Daniels decided to declare himself as the face of TNA and run with that title; but at the start of this story it seemed as though it was Kaz who Daniels had dirt on.

From early this year Kaz appeared to have been forced to join forces with the Fallen Angel in order to carry out his dastardly deeds. Nobody was sure what the arrangement between the two was as Kaz seemed reluctant to be around AJ’s ex tag team partner but worked alongside him at the same time. As Daniels stood in the ring and Kaz looked on at the start of a Gauntlet match against AJ Styles in March 2012, Taz asked what Daniels has, if anything, on Kaz. Even AJ thought it was Kaz that Daniels had something on as he laid out his proposition for the match which he asked for after Kaz interfered in his match the week before, costing him a win.

The proposition which AJ made was that if he were to win then Daniels would have to reveal whatever it was that he had on Kaz to the whole world. Daniels took to the mic and said that he and Kaz don’t have to listen to his demands but Kaz said “You know AJ, you’ve got it.” Tenay said that Kaz is no longer waiting for Daniels to make decisions for him and we may find out what was going on between the two.

From Kaz’s reaction to AJ you knew that the information was either not about him or he no longer cared what it was. Kaz stood ringside as Daniels fought the Phenomenal One and threw jibes at AJ before jumping in to the ring unexpectedly and issuing him with a Fade to Black for the win.

Kaz said on Sunday night that he had originally wanted to protect AJ which would explain his reluctance to be around Daniels. We now know, from looking back at the Gauntlet Match, that it may have been AJ’s blatant disregard towards how Kaz may have been affected had Daniels had information on him that triggered him into no longer protecting his friend.   

It was still unclear at this stage whether Daniels held anything on Kaz but he and Kaz remained in cahoots for quite some time. It was revealed by Daniels on April 22nd 2012 on Impact as Kaz led a cameraman to him that the ‘evidence’ he was holding had nothing to do with Kaz at all, and was in fact about AJ.

So we may have established the moment that activated the change of heart within Kaz but he revealed that he was committed to exposing AJ after he looked at what he had achieved in comparison to himself and wondered how he had got his status.

AJ and Dixie 1

Taz was wondering “what the hell is in the envelope” and we found out as Kaz pulled out a series of photos for us all to see. The first looked as though AJ was in deep conversation with the President of TNA, Dixie Carter and he easily explained that one away thinking that that was the big revelation. People often talk to Dixie and Daniels knew it. That’s why he had a couple of other pictures to back him up.

AJ and Dixie 2AJ was lost for words as the second picture was revealed. He had his hand on Dixie’s face. Seeing AJ’s response Daniels couldn’t wait to hear his reaction to the third. AJ and Dixie were in a clinch. Are AJ Styles and Dixie Carter having an affair? Going off the pictures it would certainly appear that way. Could there be some innocent explanation as to what actually happened between them? Only time will tell I guess.

Daniels also took to Twitter to spread his revelation and showed two of the pictures which we saw on Impact. Here is what he said:

Daniels Tweet 1
Daniels Tweet 2