Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bi****ff vs. Scott Steiner

The long running fight between Hogan, Bischoff and Steiner is about to become more serious as the General Manager of Impact Wrestling, took to Twitter this morning to talk about getting his personal lawyers involved in the situation.

This feud has been going on for quite some time now and if you look back through each of the men’s Twitter accounts at a glance it would appear that they are all as bad as each other. We of course don’t know how deep the rivalry goes and can only see what each of them wants us to see.

With the filming of the first season of Ring Ka King over, which is of course a subsidiary of TNA, we haven’t seen Steiner on our screens for a while. His contract with TNA has reportedly come to an end and his profile has been removed from the Impact Wrestling website. Has he been fired? Is this whole scenario for real or just a work? What do you think? 

Although this has been going on a long time, just this month alone we have seen plenty of jibes thrown about the Twittersphere. Here I will recap what each of them has said on the topic throughout May 2012:

Scott Steiner

Right at the start of the month Big Poppa Pump told fans to chant “609” when Garret Bischoff is in the ring. It was later revealed that 609 referred to the docket number 1:19-CR-609 which was used when Eric testified under oath at a trial. Steiner went on the say that instead of getting rid of problems (Hogan and Bischoff), TNA keep paying them and try to save money elsewhere. Giving an example of ways in which TNA are saving money, Steiner said that “They no longer fly Taz and Tenay in for the tapings, they do voice overs in Nashville.”  He said that Eric will probably try and replace one or both of them saying that he’s saving the company money.

On May 2nd Steiner said that he tweeted three weeks ago to say that Jeremy Borash was the “other guy” that “Bitchoff” as he calls Bischoff laid in to on social media. We of course, in the UK, saw Borash call Eric out on this on Impact Wrestling’s very first Open Fight Night on April 29th. Steiner said that that segment came about as Bischoff realised that he had “heat” because a lot of people defended JB and the situation needed to be defused, and incorporating it in to the show would have been a way to do that.

Steiner spoke about the ending to Open Fight Night and said that “609Garrett came out at the end of show to save the day…wtf bullshit” as we saw him induct Eric in to the ‘Shed of Shame’. Backing up what JB had said in the ring Steiner said “The thing is Borash has done more for TNA than Bitchoff has, and he’s been there since the beginning, and the last time I checked all Bitchoff does is kill the ratings”.

Talking about Garett getting a push in to the wrestling world by his father, Steiner said that as bad as that is the original plan was much worse and it’s a good job that Hogan’s son, Nick, quit as both he and Garett were going to “wrestling camp” at the same time and the fans would have had to “suffer with these two assholes nepotism’s” as they pushed their “non-athletic” sons to the top. Steiner predicts that Garett’s career 
will be over now that Eric has gone because people will hold his Father’s behaviour against him.

According to Steiner, Hogan sounds like an idiot each time he talks to the media without a script and spoke about how the General Manager wants to give more power to the fans and get them more involved but can’t say anymore on it right now. Steiner slammed TNA and Spike TV officials saying that “no other business in the world would allow two assholes to come into a company, drive it to the lowest ratings EVER, continue the low ratings for 2 and a half years, cut down most employees in the media and still have a job.”

Acknowledging the importance of fans Steiner said that there is nobody more important and there would be no wrestling without the fans. He said that the ratings show that fans are choosing not to be involved in what Bischoff and Hogan brought to TNA by using their power to change the channel.

Steiner feels that the new brand concept which Hogan has mentioned a lot lately will be a fraud just like changing TNA to Impact Wrestling where "wrestling matters" was. He said that was “a crock of shit because nothing changed, this is nothing but smoke.”

Moving on, Steiner spoke about Orlando Jordan and quickly stated that he has nothing against gay people. He felt that introducing the wrestler to the wrestling audience as the first “openly gay” athlete in the sport wasn’t a wise move. Steiner told how the company were filming at Universal Studios, where of course you would expect to see that the fans were families with children, and the segments which they did with Orlando in front of the live crowd were of him lusting over another wrestler in a storyline. Steiner said that some of the families were appalled and left. Because of this Orlando’s future segments were recorded backstage away from the live crowd.

Steiner said that he spoke to Sting in the Impact Zone one day, and they were both wondering what was going on around them. He said that Sting told him that he was going to say something about it and could no longer watch the show. Steiner probed further and found out that Hogan had apparently said that Orlando could be the World Champion during production meetings. Steiner said that he didn’t understand Hogan’s reasoning until Linda (Hogan’s ex-wife) allegedly said that Hogan was gay. Sting was apparently annoyed at the hypocrisy of it all as TNA would hold chapel each Sunday before a Pay per View. Apparently it’s what Hogan would have wanted and Bischoff was there to back him up saying that controversy creates cash. Steiner disagrees and said that they need to get a grip.

Hogan had another idea which was for fans to video wrestlers “TMZ style” and send them in to him. Steiner said that Hogan is an idiot for suggesting that idea because he “doesn’t realise not everybody is a camera whore like himself and don’t need the constant attention”. Steiner reckoned that he had a better idea and said that he should have somebody video him giving his wife an excuse as to why he is “leaving her to go do gay porn”. Mocking Hogan’s whole being of Hulkamania, Steiner said “Homomania running wild”.

We will hear from Eric Bischoff later as we take a look at his Tweets, but it would seem that he Tweeted something about Steiner around May 3rd as Steiner said “There you are you little bitch. I’ve tweeting for 4 weeks now and you decide to respond when I tweeted about being at a Shoney’s to Go Grand Opening”. Shoney’s is an American restaurant for those of you who don’t know. Steiner had said that he was there on the 3rd of May and that they have awesome food. Steiner continued to talk to Bischoff and said that he is playing poker with him and has already told him what his hand is along with the significance of 609 and said that “the Shoney’s tweet brought you out of your hole”.

Referencing one of the tweets from Bischoff aimed at him Steiner said “first off if you want to call anybody a drug abuser look no further than your son. 609Garrett was a 140lb non-athletic pussy in high school, but as everybody can see he can take everything under the sun but it hasn’t improved his athletic ability. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Going back to talk about Shoney’s Steiner said that him being there wasn’t a paid appearance; he was there on behalf of his friend of 18 years who purchased the Shoney’s brand 6 years ago for around $300 million. Steiner said that the restaurant is no longer a greasy fast food joint as Bischoff had suggested and said that he would have known this if he ever went to the TNA offices as the Shoney’s corporate offices are also in Nashville. Steiner said that Bischoff likes to brag that he’s too high class and makes too much money to eat at a place like that and said “well the number 609 suggests you ain’t high class at all”.

Steiner must have had a vast amount of tweets asking him what the significance of 609 is and why they should chant it at Garett as he decided to provide an explanation. He said that “609 is part of a larger number that Eric owns and now Garrett is going to have to live with. The full sequence is 1:19-CR-609 and it represents Bitchoff’s docket number when he testified under oath in Atlanta's Gold Club trial.” Steiner teased that he would reveal more about Bischoff’s exact testimony later saying “it is very revealing and humorous because it shows what a weasel he is.” He also said that he will post the information on his website.

Steiner told Bischoff that he needs to worry about the crowds that TNA are drawing in since only 2,500 people were at Lockdown in Nashville, the home base of TNA “and a lot of those were freebees”. Big Poppa Pump said that “Bitchoff” cannot deny anything which he has tweeted about because it is all apparently true. He said that Bischoff is trying to change the focus by saying that he is too old, slow and boring. Steiner told him to check out the Ring Ka King footage and ask any wrestler that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to move over for the younger guys, all he did was try to elevate guys and pass the torch. Saying “better yet, look at the tape”, Steiner said “I’m not a mark like Hogan and have to have creative control because people don’t care who wins or loses, they want to be entertained.” He said that Hogan is living in his fantasy world and actually believes he’s winning.

Steiner continued to talk to Bischoff and said that he and Hogan are about to find out that he is the last guy that they should have messed with. He said that they are going to find out that payback is a bitch, both mentally and physically as he said “right now I’m FF'n with your mind and I will see you both again and you will see how ruthless I can be. Believe that.”

In the next flurry of tweets, Steiner spoke about Impact Wrestling saying that low rated shows are still being booked. He said that 9-10 segments were wasted on Bischoff “a guy who nobody cares about and is no longer on the show” and Alex Silva, “the indy wrestler that nobody cares about and has been on the show one time”; it was a waste of valuable air time. The Gut Check segments were brutal and hard to watch according to Steiner and “Hogan looked like an idiot in a segment with Anderson”. He said that it is hard to believe that 3 people (Hogan, Bischoff and Flair presumably) who claim to be so clever can book a show that bad. He wants to know where their accountability is.

Talking about Flair saying during a show that Hogan keeps playing with him, Steiner deemed the 3 men which he spoke of earlier “clueless” after saying that he tweeted for weeks about Hogan’s ex-wife supposedly saying the General Manager is gay. He said that Flair’s comment made the guys in the back pop.
Steiner continued to analyse the shows and said that Bischoff had 4-5 segments about him in another show and Hogan was all over it. Pritchard even had a couple segments. He wants to know the reason why saying that the “three marks” don’t wrestle at house shows, TV tapings or PPV’s. He finds it unbelievable that they booked themselves on 12-13 segments.

Open Fight Night “did a horrible rating” according to Steiner “and was supposed to be Bitchoff’s last show” so he want’s justification as to why the clip of Bischoff being thrown in to the Portaloo was shown at the start of another show. He said once more that nobody cares about Bischoff yet he keeps booking himself on the show and that the “assholes are so out of touch and don’t have a clue”.

On May 9th he questioned whether anybody was really surprised that Bischoff had said in an interview that Big Poppa Pump needed to step aside for the younger guys and said that Pritchard, Hogan and Bischoff booked themselves in 12-13 segments and they are 10 years older than he is. He also said that Bischoff made a “pretty stupid statement” when he apparently also said in an interview that Steiner is going through a mid-life crisis and is a drug abuser as his business partner, Hogan, testified under oath that he did steroids and has recently done a sex video “and he’s over 60”. A quick Google search showed that Hogan was born in August 1953 and would therefore be 58 years old unless his ‘character’ is younger than he actually is. Steiner said that Bischoff is stupid and cannot deny that what he has been saying and so says “stupid shit” and ends up burying himself and Hogan.

Steiner said that he didn’t have a chance to post “609Bitchoff’s” testimony any sooner and as he’s been getting a lot of tweets about it before going on to explain what it is about. As mentioned earlier 609 is the last sequence in Bischoff’s docket number 1:19-CR-609. Steiner said that Bischoff testified under oath that “he and his wife go to the Gold Club and pick up a stripper and take her to a hotel. He watches his wife have lesbian sex with the stripper and then he joins them.” Steiner said that you can see what a weasel Bischoff is and the best part from reading his testimony is that you find out “the only way he gets caught is he gave the stripper a bullshit tip, and she gets pissed, goes back to the Gold Club (and) tells her boss what he tipped her. He then goes into the register and gives her a bigger tip...BUSTED”.

Steiner said that the FBI were watching all transactions and if Bischoff would have just given the stripper a good tip in the first place, her boss would have had no need to go in to the register. He said that it “must drive you nuts at night, knowing that if you weren’t such a cheap-ass you could have avoided all this embarrassment” especially as he’s always bragging about how much money he has.

Mocking Hogan’s idea of fans recording wrestlers again, Steiner asked that Eric have a fan video him as he explains himself to Garett and his daughter as he thinks that it’s “just the fan participation that Hogan was talking about”.

Steiner said that he left TNA and one of the reasons behind him leaving was that he didn’t want to see Bischoff run TNA in to the ground as he felt that he did with WCW and told us that he is just getting started as he signed off for the day with “609 save TNA”.

The next day Steiner said that during an interview Hogan said that he must be unhappy in his life. Steiner said that he is very happy in his life and said that he is “not the one who went on Larry King crying like a bitch and saying that you put a gun in your mouth and was going to pull the trigger”. He told Hogan to stop lying and went on to say that the “three assholes” write the show and decide who’s on it.

He spoke about James Storm and said that the stuff with him it nonsense too saying “Storm and I talked over (the) match and the finish which I didn’t change. We both went to get in gear, and as I was changing I was told I wasn’t in the match anymore.” He said that he asked Storm about what had happened but didn’t know. He `said that Storm would tell us the same if he were asked about it so we don’t have to take his word on it.

Continuing his tirade against Hogan, Steiner said that Hogan disrespects the business and everybody in TNA yet he thinks it is weird that Steiner wants to knock him unconscious before telling Hogan that his day is coming.

“Pritchard is going to use Open Fight Night to bring in somebody else’s son” according to Steiner and he will let us know when he sees him. Steiner asked fans to remember to change channel and wait five minutes before changing back when they see Hogan or Bischoff as “if you fans use your power we can save TNA. The Nielson ratings system monitors every show on TV and can’t be ignored”. I personally will not be switching over but please do not blame me if TNA falls off the air.

There was a gap in Steiner’s tweets from May 11th until today (May 16th) when he explained why he has been absent. He apparently received a letter from a lawyer who is representing Hogan and Bischoff which, in short, says that they take his tweets seriously and “if threats continue they will take to law enforcement”.
Steiner said “Really Hogan my tweets scare you? I’ve said worse in interviews on TV LOL.” He went on to thank Hogan saying “your actions speak louder than any words that I could have spoken. Sorry for scaring you, maybe I will challenge you to a game of checkers.”

The story so far from Steiner ends with one more statement. He said “Just when you didn’t think it could get any worse in TNA, it has, and guys are pissed because Hogan has brought in his no talent daughter.” Steiner also finds this unbelievable and said that he was putting it mildly when he said that “guys are pissed”.

Eric Bischoff

The first tweet from Bischoff in May in relation to this post was on May 3rd and said “@ScottSteiner 50+ year old man pitching greasy fried chicken in Buford and wrestling indys in front of 250 fans...bitter?” it was this tweet that prompted Steiner to say that Bischoff has come out of his hole after he had been tweeting him for four weeks. Bischoff went on to retweet somebody who had replied to his tweet. The tweet said “Shane Douglas? Oh no wait...Scott Steiner. Same thing.”

Bischoff took another dig at Steiner as he responded to a follower who had said “You tell 'em, Easy E! He cried for 2 hours last night” by saying “It’s hard for some guys to move over and let the younger talent rise. Irony? One of Scott’s bitches in his 20's and 30's”.

On the same day Bischoff said that he was sitting in Detroit airport thinking about growing up there and the old neighbourhood but he still managed to take the time to retweet people who had said that Steiner is bitter and would be back in the company tomorrow if he were called and that he must have a sad life as he tweets an awful lot about Bischoff and Hogan.

One person had a hashtag of #steriodjunkie at the end of their tweet. Keeping with the drug theme, Bischoff retweeted another follower who said to Steiner “Your tweets make as much sense as your promos did…In other words you're a babbling, old, drug abusing fool.” The retweet’s continued and Bischoff sarcastically told followers to go easy on Steiner saying to one person that “he (Steiner) did well at the end for being a midlife crisis with a bad wheel.” The majority of the tweets that Bischoff chose to retweet contained references to the claims that Steiner has used drugs with one saying “it would appear that Scott Steiner has his head in his ass, as well as a needle.”

Bischoff also responded to tweeters who were on Steiner’s side. One had said that to him “Funny that most of your comments attack Steiner's age, you're 56”. Bischoff said “But I am far from trying to "hold on to my spot" as an in-ring performer. Read, listen, learn. There's hope for you.” The next day another Steiner fan said Steiner does not need TNA as “he is working for #RingKaKing where they actually have an AUDIENCE! Hogan is an ASS!” Bischoff responded by saying “This one defines the collective intelligence of the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community). Do you know Scotty Riggs?”

After responding to the above tweet Bischoff took the day off from retweeting Steiner haters and just had one jibe of his own saying “Seriously, Shane Douglas and Steiner should tour comedy clubs together. Steiner could try and read a paragraph from a children's book and Douglas could talk about how to produce a live event! Comedy gold like "Grumpy Old Men"”.  Bischoff was looking forward to a great weekend as he was heading to Vegas for meetings on the Friday and for some rest and recuperation.

Other than a tweet on May 9th to tell everybody that he had just got home from four days in Vegas, a video of Garett vs. Turkeys on the 13th and a tweet today about The Devils Ride which he says will be a great episode we heard no more from Bischoff about Steiner.

Hulk Hogan

The Hulkster said on Impact Wrestling that he was going to focus on being a good General Manager and on the fans and what they want from the company. Looking at his Twitter page and the multitude of tweets there, he appears to have been true to his word and has stayed out of ‘drama’ up until today. Having not seen the interviews which Steiner spoke about in his tweets I cannot comment on what has been said outside of the social platform being looked at here.

Hogan has been busy retweeting and responding to fans and on May 12th said “Goodmorning Hulkamaniacs. You’re the ones that have kept the dream alive; for that I will always thank you HH”. Having looked at Bischoff’s profile Hogan’s Twitter name had been mentioned in some of the tweets there and so he could have easily retweeted them too if he had wanted as he clearly reads some, if not all, of his @ mentions.

Steiner’s tweets from earlier today clearly pushed Hogan over the edge as he took to Twitter too. Although he never mentioned Steiner’s name is was obvious to followers of both wrestlers who he was talking about as he said “Tried to be cool, not only a clown but also a liar. Those weren't my lawyers they were TNA lawyers. Well I guess it's time to call my guys in. I really hope he saved his money or is making tons from the independents he's working because it's gonna get expensive. Maybe he's smart enough to at least figure it out when it starts getting real. What a shame, what a waste of a great talent, but you can't tell an idiot they’re an idiot. It's really sad when you really thought someone was really cool. HH”.

One fan said “he talked about your little girl...I figured that would be the breaking point #WhatChaGonnaDO Brother” and others offered their support whilst some people were unsure who he was talking about.

Hogan saying “maybe he is smart enough to at least figure it out when it starts getting real” could indicate that the feud was just a storyline but now that Steiner has disrespected both of his children things have now got personal. Who knows? We’re often told, and even in wrestling star’s autobiographies I have read that we should not believe everything that we hear or see in wrestling, no matter how believable it is, how many people repeat it, or how often it is repeated.

If this is a work then it is a dangerous one in my opinion as the language used and information being divulged is damaging. Steiner clearly has a lot to say for himself on Twitter and spoke about the story with Orlando Jordan saying that it wasn’t suitable for families. A lot of children use Twitter, whether it is right or wrong, to follow their idols including him and his language is, shall we say, colourful. Bischoff seems to have sneers at whoever he feels like mentioning at the time but has clearly played a part in the argument.

Either way, work or not, the men appear to be playing a dangerous game. Their tweets have encouraged fans to troll wrestlers and each other. What are your views?