Thursday, 17 May 2012

Impact Wrestling - 13th May 2012

The ‘go home’ show before we see Sacrifice on May 16th 2012 opened with a recap of Rob Van Dam and Bobby Roode picking each other’s opponents last week. We saw highlights from both of their matches including Roode hitting Hardy with his belt during the Hardy vs. RVD match.

Roode was the first man on the roster to enter the Impact Zone. Discussing the World Heavyweight Champion as he made his way to the ring, Tenay said that Roode uses loopholes and shortcuts within matches no matter what the stipulation and will use any means necessary to hang on to his title. Taz said that sometimes a person needs to take shortcuts and Roode realises that people are trying to pull him down.

Roode wants to know what else he can possibly do to prove himself further. Saying “One man, one athlete, one champion taking out three men at one time” he told how he took Anderson, Hardy and RVD out last week. He amazes himself and in little over four weeks he feels that he will become the longest reigning champion in TNA history. Roode said that at Sacrifice we will see Mr PPV (RVD) get in the ring with the IT Factor of professional wrestling and RVD is sadly mistaken if he thinks that he cans stop Roode’s world title domination.

Roode had barely finished his sentence when RVD ran out and beat down on him. Roode quickly bailed, leaving his belt behind. As he walked up the ramp with his back to the entrance, he found Anderson behind him. Anderson took Roode back in to the ring and both he and RVD continued their attack. Hardy ran down the ramp to join in with the action and the Officials soon stepped in to try and put an end to the violence.

Hulk Hogan came out and he smells blood. He likes the enthusiasm which had just been displayed by the wrestlers. Hogan said that Hardy and Anderson clearly want Roode and look like they want to rip each other’s heads off. He asked RVD if he wants some of Roode as he has an idea but needs to clear it with him first.

Hogan has plans for a Fatal Four Way between the wrestlers currently in the ring, which could see Hardy or Anderson take RVD’s place as number one contender at Sacrifice if either of them wins. If Roode wins he can try to defend his title against whoever he sees as the weakest link and RVD can pick any stipulation he wants of he wins. Hogan asked RVD if he is willing to make the sacrifice. Roode asked RVD not to do it but he agreed. Hogan thanked him and so we will see a Fatal Four Way as tonight’s main event.

Next we saw Bully Ray say some measurements - 5ft 8 and 185lbs. He was talking about Aries. He’s tired of him talking down, raising his voice and bullying him. He’s not going to stand for it anymore and will solve his ‘little’ problem. Ray said that he doesn’t bully people; he takes them down and out. We were told to stay tuned to see what happens.

Later on we will hear from James Storm for the first time since his speech after Lockdown.   

Tenay said that Hogan has shaken things up as he went over the Fatal Four Way rules.

In the locker room, we saw Gail Kim bitching about Brooke Tessmacher to Madison Rayne. She said that everyone is talking about her losses to Tessmacher and said that everybody talks about how beautiful Tessmacher is. Kim said that all of Tessmacher’s pictures are digitally enhanced and she has no need for her own to be edited. She still thinks that Tessmacher has just been lucky to get a win for the past three weeks.

Rayne paid no attention to Kim as she looked through some clothes. She has a guy on her mind but doesn’t want to talk about it. Tenay is wondering who the guy is and looked at Taz but as we go in to a knockouts match Taz said that he is busy looking at Velvet Sky.

Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher - Number One Contenders Match
Ref: Brian Heber

The pair of Kockouts tied up before they each took it in turn to throw their opponent in to a corner and shake their asses. Sky went first. Ready for some wrestling, Sky knocked Tessmacher over and dominated for a short while until she was launched in to the corner and Monkey Flipped back out of it.

Sky came back again and Face Planted Tessmacher in to the mat for two before tossing her to the mat one more for a Dropkick and another quick pin of two. Brooke tried to make a comeback but nothing stuck. We just saw a very messy roll up from her for a pin attempt. Sky went to attack Tessmacher but ended up launching herself in to the turnbuckle. Tessmacher wearily lifted Sky for a Flapjack and then rolled her over for another win.

Whilst Tessmacher’s arm was being raised by Hebner, Kim ran out to, as Taz put it, issue a “violent message”. Kim shoved Tessmacher over from behind and then stopped to blow a kiss to the crowd and another to Tessmacher. She then issued Tessmacher with an Eat Defeat, the move which Tessmacher stole last week. Kim fetched her title from the other side of the ring and showed it to Tessmacher and told her that she is just trash.

A brief clip of Storm feeding his horses showed that he has been doing some thinking after his match against Roode at Lockdown.

It’s competition time as Magnus and Samoa Joe tell us about a competition which sees the winner go to 

Slammiversary X in Dallas, Texas from June 8th - 11th. SoCal Val asked the question “Which of these TNA Impact Wrestling Superstars appeared on the first ever TNA Slammiversary event?” Was it:

A)    Crimson
B)     AJ Styles
C)    Magnus

The competition closes on the 17th May. For more details, and for information on how to enter, visit

The question, as we revisited RVD talking about himself in the third person was ‘can RVD gain back the title that he never lost?’ He was stripped of it due to a long period of absence. Roode is confident that he will retain the title and Al Snow is wondering if RVD can defeat Roode with his nonchalant attitude. One thing is for certain however, RVD wants the belt back.

A clip of RVD winning the World Heavyweight Championship title against AJ Styles was shown and in an old promo RVD said that he is Mr TNA and is a fighting champion. It would seem that he’s downgraded to Mr PPV recently. More clips of the number one contender were played with motivational snippets from Hogan played over the top with quotes such as “Night after night you have to be the best”.

April 2010 saw the start of the RVD era. RVD said that people gave him the chance to be himself when he came to TNA to prove that he’s the best at what he does. He pledged to be the greatest World Heavyweight Champion.

Back to present time and Roode said that he will do whatever it takes to keep the title. RVD thinks that he has earned the title and told us so whilst we saw clips of Roode as the champion and RVD training.

AJ Styles was caught up by a camera man who asked him what is going on between Kaz, Daniels and himself. AJ said that he faces Kurt Angle in three days and that is all he is focused on and so he is passing no comment on the secret which they hold on him.

Jeff Hardy was also collared and said that he is going to end the Selfish Generation before excusing himself as he has a match to win.

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan - Final Confrontation
Ref: Brian Stiffler

Morgan made his way to the ring and was attacked by Bully Ray, who appeared from nowhere, with a chain and a chair. He’s was sending a message to Austin Aries, and talking to the camera he told Aries that that will be him lying on the floor.

Agents and Refs hurried to Morgan’s side and Ray told D-Lo Brown not to touch Morgan as he lay bleeding. As we go for a break it looks like Morgan is about to be stretchered out of the arena.

Yep, the Blue Print is on a stretcher and is heading up the ramp but Ray is still stood there. Will be ever see an end to this feud? Crimson took to the mic and said that he cannot believe what has just happened. He said that it is unfortunate as Morgan said that he is going to be the first person to defeat him. Crimson said that Morgan is delusional and couldn’t even make it to the ring.

Tne Undefeated One demanded that Stiffler gave Morgan ten seconds to get back to the ring like the man that Crimson knows he is. The crowd joined in with the count as Tenay said that Crimson was being ridiculous. As expected, Morgan didn’t show and Crimson said that it was both sad and predictable and sums up Morgan’s career.

Mr Monday Night has become the UK’s Mr Sunday Night; it’s the RVD show! RVD told a story of a man that could either have a long life or be a hero. His Mother wanted him to have a long life but he wanted to be a hero. RVD went on to say that he wasn’t like other kids and he wanted to be a hero too. He wanted adventure and had no idea how long his adventure would last.

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries - X Division Championship Match
Ref: Brian Hebner

Expect to hear more news about the hole in the Ozone Layer as Zema Ion is back and he’s armed with TNA branded hairspray. Austin Aries was sporting a new cape which had the words ‘The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived’ emblazoned on it.

The wrestler’s tied up until Ion went over to the corner to fix his hair. He needn’t have bothered as Aries got him in a Headlock and just messed it up straight afterwards. After a few moves off the ropes Ion got Aries with Head Scissors and Aries thanked him with a Dropkick. Ion rolled himself out of the ring and Aries climbed to the top rope and jumped after him but Ion moved out of the way.

Having hit his head on the barriers Aries rolled about on the floor whilst Ion got back in the ring and bouncing off the far ropes he executed a huge Moonsault back out to show Aries how you do it. Booting Aries in the back of the head as he tried to get back in to the ring, Ion quickly got a count of two and after a few more boots he got another two. Ion stood on Aries’ face and ran his fingers through his hair.
Aries had had enough and fought his way back with some chops and elbows. Ion stopped him in his tracks by jabbing him in the eyes and then flinging him over for another near fall. With a look of frustration in Ion’s eyes Taz said that Aries is in trouble. Ion jumped over Aries and in to the corner from where he bounced off the ropes with a Moonsault.

Aries was about to get to his feet when Ion dragged him up. Aries fought back once more with a series of elbows and throwing Ion in to a turnbuckle with force he caught Ion with a Spinning Forearm as he fell back from the impact. Aries was visibly angry as he headed towards his opponent and after Ion put his boot to the X Division Champion’s face he let him feel his anger by responding with a Clothesline which saw Ion flung out of the ring.

Aries dived through the middle ropes and appeared to say “Bubba” to the camera. With Ion back in the ring Aries grabbed hold of his head from off the apron and bounced it off the top rope. Running to the ropes Aries got in to a handstand and sprung himself back on to Ion for a count of two.

Aries was in the zone but Ion wasn’t ready to give up yet and set Aries up in the corner for a high risk Huricanrana. He failed to execute it and standing up on the ropes Aries hit Ion with a Missile Dropkick followed by a Running Dropkick and a Brain Buster for the win.

Kaz and Daniels are going to reveal AJ’s secret but Kaz isn’t too sure about it and asks if they are really going to do it tonight. Daniels reckons that he is indestructible just because he has a contract. He said that they are on solid ground. He wants to teach AJ a lesson.

After a break the rules of the Fatal Four way were reiterated once more as we saw a recap of Anderson, Hardy and RVD laying in to Roode earlier on.
RVD knows that he can beat three men and is looking forward to picking a stipulation for his title shot. He’s thinking a ladder match because he thinks that nobody can beat him at his own game.

The Secret

It’s time to get AJ Style’s secret out in the open as we heard Taz ask “What the hell is in the envelope?” in a recap. Tenay wasn’t sure but said “it’s definitely got AJ’s attention”. The crowd booed as we cut to Daniel’s in the ring. He said “Hush, hush sad clowns” before telling us that he has not heard from AJ since he issued him with his ultimatum last week. Daniels gave AJ one last opportunity to set the record straight because that’s the kind of guy that he is. After a moment of waiting for AJ to appear Daniels said that he doesn’t think that AJ is going to show and as the face of Impact Wrestling he felt that we should all know the truth about the Phenomenal One.

AJ’s music hit and as he made his way to the ring Tenay said that he can’t believe that he is being blackmailed by his former friend and Taz wanted to know what is going on after all the months we have seen this story being played out. In the ring AJ told Kaz and Daniels that they are making a mistake. Kaz said that it is AJ who has made the mistake and he protected him at first; but after he looked at what he himself had achieved in comparison to AJ he decided against protecting him. He questioned how AJ had got to where he is today.

Kaz reached in to the envelope and pulled out a photo, it was of AJ and Dixie Carter. They looked like they were deep in conversation. AJ said that people often talk to Dixie and he had nothing to be ashamed of. Daniels said that he’s silly if he thinks that that is the only picture he has.

Kaz showed us a second picture. This one showed AJ with his hand on Dixie’s face. AJ couldn’t provide an explanation for that one prompting Daniels to say that he can only imagine what AJ has to say about the third picture that he has. The third one revealed AJ and the President of TNA Wrestling in a clinch. So, all of the photo’s imply that AJ and Dixie may be having an affair but what really happened between the pair?

Daniels said that AJ has been the poster boy for TNA from day one and that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The crowd didn’t seem to care about what Kaz and Daniels had just disclosed as they chanted AJ’s name.

SoCal Val and Anderson revealed the information about the TNA UK and Ireland tour which we have all been waiting for. There will be a double TV taping in London. Anderson said that he loves the fans over here because we’re loud and excited. The tapings weren’t the only news! As the tour will be on the Road to Lockdown each show will see at least one cage match. As we know from seeing the Spin Cycle a few weeks ago, Anderson likes blood and likes the taste of his own. He also loves the fight of flight feeling which the wrestler’s get whilst fighting in a cage. This is the first time the Lockdown cage will have left America.

Going back to commentary, Tenay spoke about the awkward moment which we have just seen with AJ and said that he never saw it coming. Taz shifted gears for a TV Title match.

Robbie E vs. Devon - Television Championship Match
Ref: Brian Stiffler

Big Rob and Bigger Rob were wearing matching cardigans once again and have a new clipboard after Robbie E smashed the last one over Devon’s head last week. It now says ‘The List Bro’ in diamantes. Devon was a man on a mission as he entered the ring and pounded on both Robbie’s before sending Robbie T out of the ring with a Clothesline. He was relentless as he continued to dominate with a beat down and a Flying Head-butt.

Robbie T pulled Devon out of the ring from the outside and Devon responded by ramming his head in to the steel steps. Robbie E tried to run up behind Devon but was knocked down with a Clothesline. He barely got a look in during the whole match as Devon did not let up and quickly tossed him back in to the ring to gain himself another win and retain his title with his Spine Busting finisher.

Robbie T clearly wasn’t happy that he defeated Robbie E as he entered the ring, shoved Devon over, effortlessly carried him over his shoulder half way around the ring and then Power Slammed him in to the mat. Robbie E used his bodyguard to help him get up. Stiffler was heading towards Devon with the title belt when Robbie T commandeered it. Robbie E then took it from Robbie T and raised his arm as if he had won, before collapsing in a heap again.

We were reminded of the last moment in which we saw James Storm. He had just said that maybe his luck has ran out before running out of the arena himself. In a new video we saw the Cowboy say that he had everything going for him but the good guy didn’t win at Lockdown and nor did the better guy. He needed to clear his head and take time for himself. He’s spent a lot of time in his barn as he associates it with hard work and feels that he has always worked hard in wrestling. Storm normally gets the job done but he didn’t this time and it nearly killed him to feel the way he did. He needs to see if wrestling is still in his heart.

Joseph Park is backstage and he wants directions to the ring. He got them from a stage hand and said “Here we go” as he made his way in to the Impact Zone. Tenay asked if the lawyer is really going in to the ring and Taz wanted to know his reasoning behind going there.

Catching up with Devon, Devon said that it’s never been a fair fight with the two Robbie’s as every time he turns around he sees “those two jackasses”. He reckons that he’ll have both of their asses at Sacrifice even though he understands that it may be more like a two on one match as oppose to a three way.

Where is Abyss?

Here we had a news report style recap of Abyss going missing and saw clips of a few of the people that his brother interviewed in his quest to track him down.

Joe has found his way to the ring. Tenay confirmed that Mr Park Esq had asked Hogan for some ring time and wasn’t just hijacking the show for a while. Joe tried to speak to the crowd but had no mic so nobody could hear him. The crowd asked “Where’s Abyss?” and Joe said that it was a good question.

Joe admired the Impact Zone and recalled how his brother used to tear the place down. He thanked Hogan for allowing him to take the time to talk and explained that he is nervous. Taz said that Joe needed a beach towel to soak up all of the sweat as Joe was perspiring heavily.

From the interviews which Joe conducted he established one common link and that link was Bully Ray. He told Ray once more that he’s not going anywhere and may even buy tickets to see him at Sacrifice after he saw a sign for it outside.

Upon hearing this, Ray made an entrance and demanded that his music be shut off. Ray felt that something wasn’t quite right with what was happening and said “Does this look like a court room to you?” He told Joe that it is a wrestling ring and that the lawyer has no business in being there. Ray threatened to do to him what he did to Matt Morgan earlier on.

Joe told him to calm down and said that whilst Ray is big and strong his brother beat him the night that he vanished. He also recalled Devon beating him at Open Fight Night despite Ray saying that he carried him for eighteen out of twenty years. Austin Aries even beat down on him last week and he is half of his size. The crowd said that Ray is a loser as Joe asked him how the bullying thing is working out for him. Ray shoved Joe to the mat and left.

Anderson was in the locker room talking about the Fatal Four Way. He told Hardy to step aside because if he wins tonight he’s going after Roode to get himself some retribution for the bottle shot. He too wants his title back.

We’re at number 9 in the countdown to Slammiversary X. We were taken back to January 4th 2010; the day in which Hulk Hogan stepped in to the six sided ring for the first time to become a part of TNA.

Angle told us that he doesn’t care about the allegations and said that AJ will have plenty of time to think about it as his bones heal after he has made him tap out. Angle said that AJ should focus on what is in front of him now i.e. him at Sacrifice.

Commentary listed off the line up for Sacrifice. You can see who will be facing who along with my predictions for this PPV here.

Snow said that Sacrifice is an apt name for the next PPV as RVD will sacrifice everything to get the belt back. RVD said that anybody would do whatever it takes to follow the passions of your heart.

As we were shown clips from Before the Bell Tenay told us that we can see the 30 minute show at You can also see the show on Impact Wrestling’s YouTube feed here.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode - Fatal Four Way
Ref: Brian Hebner

Taz loves Hogan’s idea for this match as everybody has something to lose but something to gain with the stipulations. Has Hardy run out of face paint? He has a naked face today. The wrestlers stared each other out as the commentary discussed them.

RVD and Anderson started the match by attacking Roode and Hardy had a turn until RVD threw him out of the way so that he could have another go at beating down on the World Heavyweight Champion. Anderson wanted Roode for himself and shoved his opponents aside. The beat down on Roode continued for a good while.

RVD finally managed to get Anderson out of the corner. Hardy took a few of shots at the asshole before going back after Roode. Roode came back with a couple of boots to Anderson and launched him out of the ring and then sent RVD flying after him. Roode failed to get Hardy out too but managed to make him eat mat by moving out of the path of a Whisper in the Wind for a two count.

RVD went high risk on Anderson after we returned from a break with a Split Legged Moonsault for two. `The fight between RVD and Anderson continued as Anderson was caught with a Reverse Leg Thrust. RVD motioned to the crowd that he was about to perform a Rolling Thunder but there was no thunder as Roode caught him mid roll gaining the champ a near fall from a Spine Buster.

Commentary questioned who Roode would choose to face if he were to win. As Roode continued to dominate RVD Taz said that he doesn’t think that he would pick the current number one contender because he wouldn’t want a ladder match. The stipulation however is that RVD can only pick the type of match if he wins.

RVD fought back with a series of kicks and rolled towards Hardy for a Monkey Flip but Hardy was able to defend himself in the corner. Hardy went for a Whisper in the Wind on RVD for two. The match soon turned in to a spot fest as all of the wrestlers executed some fast paced, high impact moves.

RVD executed a Rolling Thunder on Hardy. Roode threw RVD out of the ring and tried for a Fisherman’s Suplex on Hardy to end the match but the Charismatic Enigma countered with a Twist of Fate. Anderson rolled in for a Mic Check on Roode as he stumbled about after Hardy’s attack. Anderson then Speared Hardy out of the ring with such force that he ended up carrying himself out with it. A Five Star Frog Splash saw RVD win this Fatal Four Way. He now gets to choose the stipulation for his match against Roode at Sacrifice.

RVD reached underneath the ring and pulled out a ladder. He set it up as Roode knelt hugging his belt. Roode looked scared and shouted “No!” as RVD climbed to the top. Roode looked at his belt as if it may be the last time that he sees it. Cutting to Hardy and Anderson, the pair look as if they are having some kind of dispute as Hebner put himself between them.

What’s this? Pyros at the top of the entrance ramp after a match? Well if Roode looked scared earlier he looked absolutely terrified now! He mouthed the words “Holy shit” as the bells began to toll, Abyss is back! RVD couldn’t believe his eyes. Abyss had a message for his little brother. He said “You’re getting too close to the fire. Back off before you get burned.” The camera lens was a little moist by the end of his little speech. The other wrestlers stood in shock as the man who went missing left the arena.