Saturday, 19 May 2012

TNA Presents Sacrifice 2012

The show opened with Ref, Earl Hebner knocking on a door to collect the World Heavyweight Championship title belt from Bobby Roode so that it could be hung up in the air ready for tonight’s main event. Still annoyed at Hulk Hogan for allowing RVD to pick the stipulation for his title shot, Roode rambled on at Earl and asked why Hogan himself didn’t go to collect his belt for the match which he didn’t want. He handed the belt over to Hebner and told him to go hang it up before stating that he’ll have it back real soon.

Next we saw a mainly black and white promo of guys from the roster training with voice clips of famous quotes from the likes of Ronald Reagan and Franklin D Roosevelt played over the top:

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

“Tear down this wall.”

“There can be no hope without fear, and no fear without hope.”

Highlights from matches which we have seen in recent weeks were sporadically placed throughout the promo in colour.

Confetti cannons erupted throughout the Impact Zone as commentary mentioned that the World Title is at stake in a ladder match.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus - Tag Team Championship
Ref: Earl Hebner

Kaz and Daniels looked confident as they made their entrances and Joe and Magnus looked focused and ready to go as Tenay said that they work together as a unit but have a challenge ahead of them with the relationship which Kaz and Daniels have.

Daniels and Magnus faced each other first and exchanged holds until Daniels was grounded with a Side Headlock Takedown, a Shoulder Block and a Power Slam in quick succession. Daniels gained back control with some kicks but Magnus bitch slapped him and issued him with a Standing Suplex. Taz said that Daniels was ‘Pinballed and Dropped” before Joe entered the ring to continue the domination. He beat on Daniels and grated the sole of his boot over his face.   

Daniels rolled out and tagged in Kaz. Kaz wasn’t ready to go in to the ring and it showed as he was met with a Back Elbow from Joe. Joe and Magnus doubled teamed Kaz for a pin of two from Magnus. Seeing his partner get Back Bodyslammed, Daniels wanted back in.

Daniels took a cheap shot and pulled Magnus’ legs from underneath him from the apron and held on to his legs as Kaz leapt on to him. The pair continued to work together to get control back. Taz was impressed with their timing.

A short while later, Daniels tried his best to annoy Joe and then as Joe almost snapped Hebner went over to have a word. Daniels exploited the situation and attacked Magnus. The match slowed down a bit as Tenay said that Joseph Park Esq. had ignored his brother’s warnings and was sat in the audience.

A Round Kick from Kaz on Magnus and a Double Over Hook saw Magnus struggle for an offense, but he managed to muscle his way out for a Clothesline. Joe and Daniels were tagged in simultaneously and Daniels looked shocked to see Joe before him. Climbing to the top rope a Moonsault from Daniels “caught nothing but canvas” said Tenay as Joe casually moved out of the way.

Joe picked up the offense with a massive Urinogi and taught Daniels not to mess with his tag team partner as he Snap Slammed him hard on to the mat. A breakdown in communications also saw Kaz get an Elbow from Daniels as Joe took him out.

We saw a series of quick tags between both teams until Daniels thought that he had put Magnus away with a Judo style takedown. Daniels was almost pinned for a win from Joe and Magnus’ trade mark double team finisher, but Kaz pulled Magnus out of the ring.

The titles exchanged hands as Kaz and Daniels won with a High Low. Joe and Magnus had no hard feelings with each other as Kaz and Daniels raised the belts up on the ramp which they had proudly worn moments ago. Magnus took to twitter and said “No shame. They out-foxed the foxes. Tomorrow's another day. Thanks to @SamoaJoe, helluva partner in crime. #TNASacrifice”.

Taz and Tenay spoke about the new champions before moving on to talk about the main event. Tenay said that he sees RVD with the advantage and Taz said that Roode should not be sold short.

Next we saw a modelling shoot style video of Brooke Tessmacher in which the words “Don’t see me as a model” appeared. Tessmacher wants to be seen as competitor and an athlete and said that we should just call her “the next Knockouts Champion” as we saw clips of her recent wins.

Knockouts Tale of the Tape
  •  Tessmacher Hat Trick - We have seen Tessmacher defeat Gail Kim three weeks in a row including twice in tag matches.
  • Gail’s Warning - Gail Kim showed her frustration and tried to get in the head of her challenger after Tessmacher defeated Velvet Sky to see if it would work in her favour.
  • Can Champ Exploit Experience Edge? - Kim has had the Gold since she took it from Sky back in November and has many years of experience over her opponent. Can she use that to her advantage?

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim - Knockouts Championship
Ref: Brian Stiffler

Tessmacher was wearing some new ring attire with a Wonder Woman style cape/robe. Taz was admiring it until Tessmacher gave him something else to look at as she removed it to reveal a skimpy bikini. Kim made her way to the ring looking angry. She wasted no time in throwing Tessmacher around the ring.

Tessmacher fought back and Monkey Flipped Kim before going for Kim’s Eat Defeat just as she did recently. Keeping the offense Tessmacher Clotheslined Kim out of the corner for two, before trying once more for Kim’s finisher.

Kim came back with a boot to Tessmacher’s ribs and a Clothesline for two. She was still fighting as she threw her body in to Tessmacher in the corner. Kim blew a kiss and said “Eat my Feet” before issuing her opponent with a Back Breaker and stretching her out. Tessmacher managed to fight out with her knee but Kim showed her fury with a Clothesline and waved her ass in Tessmacher’s face and then choked her with her foot. Tessmacher responded and flew at Kim with such force that both women stayed down.

With a boot to the face Tessmacher took the offense and a Faceplant took Kim down allowing Tessmacher to go for a high risk Elbow Drop for two. With the crowd firmly behind the number one contender, Tessmacher tried to continue her domination but as she went to set something else up, Kim got her with an Eat Defeat. Tessmacher responded with an Eat Defeat of her own, sending Kim flying out of the ring. Tessmacher threw Kim back in to the ring for two. Shortly afterwards we saw some more ‘highway robbery’ as Taz calls it, as with a Double Leg Takedown, Kim rolled her opponent up for the win by using the ropes for leverage.

Jeremy Borash interviewed the new Tag Team Champions, Kaz and Daniels. Kaz said that AJ earned his stripes within the company by “Whistling Dixie”, but they just went out there and worked hard. Daniels threw in his two pennies worth and said that they showed AJ a picture on Impact Wrestling and pushing his belt forward he said he now has another one to show him. Once again saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, Daniels said that AJ’s nightmares have just begun.

Velvet Sky and James Storm told us about the Slammiversay X competition which has now ended. Good luck to all those that entered.

Tenay said that Devon has to defend his title again as we headed in to the next match.

Robbie E vs. Robbie T vs. Devon - Three Way Television Championship
Ref: Brian Hebner

Wearing the same cardigans but in opposite colours the two Robbie’s made their way down to the ring together despite going up against each other in this match. Tenay threw in a reference to GTW (Gym, Tan, Wrestle) as he spoke about their appearance with his commentary partner. Tenay also pointed out that on paper it is a Triple Threat Match but it is more of a Handicap Match as Devon made his way in to the ring. Taz said that the champion may have bitten off more than he can chew by declaring this match. Tenay said that he may have, but Devon has embraced Hogan’s decision to have to defend the title each week.

Devon beat down on Robbie E before laying in to Robbie T. It was soon made clear that the two Robbie’s intended on working together. Throwing Robbie T out of the ring with a Clothesline, it was obvious that Devon wanted Robbie E on his own and went on to show his power. Devon knocked Robbie T off the apron to further prove his point before going to run the ropes, but Robbie T was soon back up and pulled Devon from out of the ring.

With Robbie T back in the ring Robbie E thought he was the big man with his body guard nearby. Taking a few shots at Devon, Robbie E told Bigger Rob that he’s got it as he looked in. Robbie E used his friend to launch him in to Devon and Robbie T went on to Side Slam Devon with ease.

Devon was soon all over the Robbie’s and took Robbie E out of play. Devon looked out of the ring at Robbie E and Robbie T took the opportunity to go for a pin. He could have won the match if Robbie E hadn’t have been a ‘hamster’ and broke the pin fall up. Robbie T was understandably pissed as they looked like they were on the same page but Robbie E clearly thought that the Welsh man would let him win. As Bigger Rob stood over his smaller counterpart looking furious in the corner of the ring, Devon rolled the man who had just been robbed of becoming a champion up to retain his title once more.

Robbie T stood in the centre of the ring with his arms folded, refraining from flooring Big Rob as Robbie E looked out of the ring at Devon. Robbie E began to walk backwards and ended up backing in to Robbie T. Robbie E quickly jumped up and hugged Robbie T to try and make things better. Taz suggested that he could buy him a new cardigan to make up for it. Instead of knocking Robbie E clear out, Robbie T simply knuckle rubbed Big Rob’s head.

Up next was a recap of RVD, Hardy and Anderson and their story in the lead up to Sacrifice with highlights from the Number One Contender’s match, RVD and Roode picking each other’s opponents and the four way match with stipulations for everybody involved.

Mr Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy - Grudge Match
Ref: Earl Hebner

Anderson signalled for his mic from the top of the ramp and looked in to the crowd who hung on to the wrestler’s every word, and joined in as he introduced himself. Tenay said that it is a big match up for both of the men involved in this match as Hogan has pushed them towards the title. He also said that either of them could be up for a shot next. Hardy had his face painted once again this week and his hair was dripping wet. He spent quite some time acknowledging the creatures of the night around the ring. Anderson stood quietly as Hardy played to the crowd.

The bell rang but there was no action as the men limbered up. They slapped hands as a mark of respect before Tying Up and getting a feel for each other. Tenay said that neither wants to move and make a mistake. They were move for move until Hardy came out on top with two Arm Drags and an Arm Bar. Anderson reversed the move and Hardy managed to pull it back again. Both were treading carefully.

Earl counted as Hardy rammed Anderson’s head in to the apron and steel steps. Taz was shocked to see the steps come in to play so soon. Back in the ring Anderson issued a nasty kick. Hardy responded with a Jaw Breaker and tried for two. Anderson sat slumped in the corner and as Hardy went after him he flung him back with his feet. Anderson went on to gain himself two quick counts of two and looked focused as he worked on Hardy’s left arm. Taz thought that he would go for his legs or neck as Anderson applied a Key Lock and performed an Arm Drag for two.

Soon afterwards Anderson issued Hardy with a Neck Breaker over the middle rope from the apron and tucked him in for yet another count of two. Commentary questioned Anderson’s motives as he continued to work on Hardy’s arm. Tenay asked if it would take the twist out of his Twist of Fate. Hardy fed off the crowd for a Mic Check on Anderson and with both men down it was Anderson who got up first. Hardy however was the first one to string some moves together.

Hardy missed a Whisper in the Wind and Anderson got Hardy with a Twist on Fate but neither was successful in ending the match with their opponents’ moves. Anderson went for a Swanton and ended up being met by Hardy’s knees. Hardy then performed the same move for two. Both exchanged right hands before Anderson blocked a Double Leg Takedown and rolled Hardy up for the win.

Hardy thought he was up in time and questioned it but in Hebner’s eyes he had kicked out a nanosecond too late. This was booked as a grudge match but Hardy and Anderson showed that there were no hard feelings as they hugged. A replay of the win in slow motion made Taz feel certain that Hardy was up in time and that the Senior Referee was wrong. Tenay still wasn’t sure as he thought that Anderson had it. Taz said that Earl did however do the right thing by calling it as he saw it, and both he and Tenay agreed that Anderson stands a good chance at a title shot against whoever has the World Heavyweight Title at the time.

Backstage Christie Hemme was with Austin Aries and had been taking questions about his match against Bully Ray. She asked Aries if he was intimidated by Ray. Aries said that it isn’t in his DNA to be intimidated. He said that Ray has spat at him and talked down to him etc. but tonight he will get his respect back. Ray says that bigger is better but Aries says that better is better and he will drop Ray on his head. Aries said that he will look pretty big to Ray when Ray is lay down on the mat.

We saw the recap of the return of Abyss before Tenay sent us over to JB who was in the crowd with Joseph Park. Joe said that he enjoyed his day at Universal and the rides which he went on, well, the ones he fit on and has made some new friends. The lawyer said that he didn’t see the return of his brother as he was composing himself in the back after being accosted by Ray before telling us that he is going to sit back and watch Aries kick a**. Joe censored himself as he remembered that there were children around.

As Crimson made his way in to the arena, Tenay said that after 16 months of being in the company he is yet to taste defeat. Crimson said that people have already seen what he is capable of as the crowd asked for Garett. He said that he single handily slayed the Blue Print Matt Morgan without even breaking a sweat and then issued an open challenge. He called Brian Hebner over and told him to have the bell rung and count to ten so that he could put another tick in the “Win column”. He looked pissed when ODB and Eric Young came out at the count of seven.

ODB asked “you wanna throw out open challenges you douche?” and told us that she has beaten women bigger than his “undefeated ass”. EY said that he loves ODB and could see where she was going with what she was saying. Telling her to hold his stuff he told her that he was going to fight.

Crimson vs. Eric Young - Open Challenge
Ref: Brian Hebner

In typical EY style, the newly married man Tied Up with Hebner before going after Crimson and whooping his ass. EY moved over to the corner and began to showboat by doing a headstand on the turnbuckle. Will EY be the one to end Crimson’s undefeated streak? He’s certainly looking strong in the ring.

EY out wrestled Crimson until Crimson threw him out of the ring and he landed awkwardly. Tenay said that EY was fighting for the pride of his Mrs as he kicked his way out of pin attempts and took a beating. ODB stepped in to the ring and tried to knock Crimson over but he shoved her over instead. Seeing this it was ‘pants down danger up’ time for EY as he fought back.

Crimson took advantage as EY went to check on his wife with a Red Sky to keep his ‘Undefeated’ title. Having defeated yet another person on the roster Crimson ticked the air and made a W with his fingers whilst shouting winner.

Bully Ray spoke to JB and said that he saw what Aries had said to him earlier. He said that he saw fear in Aries as he spoke and thinks that he is neither man enough or big enough to get him with a Brain Buster. Ray doesn’t care how big Aries’ heart is, he said he’s going to break it.

The segment followed up with a video of the feud between Ray and Aries with the various size related quotes which we have heard over the past few weeks. The video ended with Ray telling us to stay tuned.

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries - Grudge Match 
Ref: Brian Stiffler

Ray shouted over to the commentary desk and asked Taz if he thinks that Aries has a shot against him. Taz said no but once Ray had moved away he said that it’s not that he doesn’t think that he doesn’t have a shot, he doesn’t have a chance.

Joseph Park looked on as Aries quickly made his way in to the ring. He’s a man on a mission. Taz and Tenay argued over the points which each of them made about the two wrestlers. Taz reckons that it doesn’t matter that Aries is younger and quicker as Ray has raw power and rage.

Ray said that he smelt fear as he and Aries went face to face. Ray tried to get inside Aries’ head by saying that Aries has never been in the ring with somebody as big and as bad as him.

Aries wasn’t listening and arrogantly went and lay over the ropes before going back over to Ray to shout in his face. People don’t normally stand up to Ray and that appeared to affect him somewhat.

Ray spent most of the time ducking out of the ring and asked Stiffler to call Aries off as if he were a dog. Aries wasn’t intimidated and kicked the second rope to make it get Ray in the ‘yam bags’. Ray displayed his power prompting Aries to come back with speed but he was met by Ray’s elbow. Aries then went on to bite CALFZILLA!

Aries climbed to the top ropes but was booted in the face by Ray and fell outside of the ring. Stiffler began to count and Ray told him to count quicker. Aries got up and the crowd erupted with a chorus of “Holy shit!” as Aries’ back was a mess. He must have hit it off the barriers when he fell.

Ray took his time making his next moves as he could see that Aries was clearly hurting so he felt no need to rush. Ray asked Aries if he knows who he is and then stood over him and said “bite me tough guy” before bear hugging him as he got up. Aries boxed Ray around the ears.

Ray Back Body Slammed Aries and then chopped him hard across the chest. He was trying to make the front of Aries match his back. Aries stood up to Ray and got knocked back down. Aries is tougher than Taz said he gave him credit for as he came back and kept standing up to the bully. Ray warned Aries to stay down but he didn’t. Ray told him that he was crazy and raked his eyes. Soon after, Aries Elbowed Ray from the outside of the ring and returned the raking which he had just got from Ray.

Ray Choke Slammed Aries for two and then issued him with a Cutter for another two. Ray was in shock as Aries lifted from the pin each time and went to fetch his chain. Joseph Park had seen enough and making his way through the crowd he intercepted. Ray flung the lawyer to one side and grabbed a chair. Before Ray had chance to use the weapon, Aries performed a Suicide Dive out of the ring on to his opponent.

Aries mustered up all of his energy to perform some big Missile Kicks and a Brain Buster for two as Ray kicked out. Taz apologised for doubting that Aries could lift Ray in that way. Ray tried for a Running Power Bomb but Aries countered for a Last Chancery. Ray didn’t put up a struggle and tapped out almost immediately. Aries proved the point which he made earlier of better is better in getting himself a victory over the physically bigger man.

Commentary discussed the story between AJ Styles and Dixie Carter as we saw footage of Kaz and Daniels revealing the secret. See here for more details.

JB was with AJ backstage and asked him for his thoughts on the revelation and he simply responded by saying that he has got to be 100% focused on Angle. JB said that he wouldn’t be doing his job properly if he didn’t ask about the photos. AJ said that he is not there to talk about photos or people; he’s there to wrestle.

We saw more clips of ‘AJ’s Secret’ and some of the back story surrounding the lead up to his match with Kurt Angle. Highlights included Angle telling Kaz and Daniels to back off AJ and the loss which Angle sustained last week as Daniels unexpectedly tagged himself in to the three on three tag team match.

SoCal Val and Anderson told of the UK tour news which can be found here

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles
Ref: Brian Hebner

Angle’s knee was still strapped and the crowd were pretty quiet for AJ with mainly just girls screaming. Taz liked that AJ said that he was just there to wrestle but doesn’t know if he believes it. Tenay questioned whether or not AJ can keep focus.

The pair were hold for hold with Go Behinds and Taz warned AJ to be careful if he was going to try and play Kurt Angle’s games. AJ stepped out of the ring to regroup and the Olympic Gold medallist dropped his kneepad and offered AJ a free shot. Angle saw AJ go for a kick and tried to sprawl but ended up tasting AJ’s boot.

Angle applied a Bear Hug on AJ and AJ responded with a Styles Clash which was countered by Angle with an Angle Lock. AJ managed to break free but Angle soon had him in a Side Head Lock. He looked like he was trying to break The Phenomenal One’s neck. AJ broke the hold but soon found himself back in it after a Clothesline, only this time Angle did the move with a take down. AJ broke free again but Angle applied the Side Head Lock again.

Angle wasn’t giving up and nor was AJ as he got Angle with a Dropkick and a Knee Drop to the head for two. AJ tried for the Styles Clash again but Angle wasn’t budging so AJ pulled out a Power Bomb for two from nowhere. Angle moved out of the ring and took the chance to regroup. AJ jumped out after him and was met with a Suplex but managed to land on his feet.

In the ring Angle got AJ with a Release Suplex with a force so great that Taz said it looked as though The Phenomenal One has been released from a canon. The match slowed down a bit with some kicks and we saw Angle strangle AJ on the ropes as we moved to a break.

As we returned, AJ was still trying to fight back as Angle Snapmared him and tried to squeeze the life out of him. AJ fought free with an Elbow and running the ropes he was caught with a twisting Back Breaker for two. It wasn’t looking good for AJ as Angle held him in another hold before Back Dropping him as he tried to run the ropes again.

Angle calmly tried to pin AJ but AJ broke free at one. Angle applied yet another Side Head Lock holding AJ close to the mat. AJ got to his feet and went for Angle’s ribs. Both men had the same idea and collided as they went for Cross Body Blocks. Hebner began to count as the pair lay on the mat. He got to seven when AJ got up and managed to string together some moves followed by a Back Breaker for a near fall. A Springboard saw AJ get another two count on his opponent.

Angle flung himself at AJ but ended up flying through the ropes as AJ side stepped. AJ performed another Springboard but this time he faced out in to the arena. Hebner counted to seven once more and AJ rolled Angle in to the ring. Angle kicked AJ in the ribs and with a Suplex he got a two count. He lifted AJ up to the top turnbuckle and punched him before setting him up for a Superplex. The move never came to fruition as after a series of Uppercuts AJ pushed the Olympic Gold medallist off him.

We have seen a lot of pin attempts during this match and they continued as Angle Suplexed AJ for two and a Pele and Styles Clash from AJ still failed to put Angle away. Angle tried for another pin after a Release German Suplex to no avail. Both men were down and Hebner began to count as they struggled to get up. The pair exchanged from their knees and Angle appeared to come out on top until he was Elbowed by AJ. Another Springboard missed Angle but AJ managed to get him with an Angle Slam for a near fall. Angle set up AJ for a Styles Clash but AJ blocked the move. Angle quickly got AJ in to an Angle Lock before executing the Styles Clash for two.

The wrestlers were tired now but Angle still managed to climb the ropes for a high risk manoeuvre. He went for a Moonsault but missed AJ. AJ showed Angle how to go high risk and performed another Springboard and Splashed on to him. AJ climbed the ropes again but Kaz and Daniels appeared and intercepted. Daniels took AJ’s legs out.

Shortly afterwards AJ was Angle Slammed and forced to tap out from a Grapevine Angle Lock in the middle of the ring. Angle had achieved what he set out to do in making AJ tap. Kaz and Daniels beat down on AJ until Angle kicked their asses and sent them packing. Angle picked AJ up and hugged him. With Kaz and Daniels still on the ramp, Angle told them that if they have a problem with AJ then they have a problem with him.

Slammiversary X Countdown

We have reached number eight in the countdown and the clip which we were shown took us back to April 18th 2010 where Angle performed a huge Moonsault from the top of a cage on to Anderson.
Tenay said that he loves reliving moments like that and Taz said that he will never forget that one and is looking forward to Slammiversary X in Texas before saying “Yee haw!” and getting it in the neck from some Texan’s via his earpiece.

Tenay thinks that Roode will be challenged in the ladder match and Taz reiterated his point that Roode should not be counted out as he’ll do whatever it takes to defend.

JB had done a poll on the RVD vs. Roode match and was about to announce the results of who the fans thought would win. 76% voted that RVD would walk away as champion. Roode stood with JB and said that something doesn’t feel right. He has no belt as Hogan let RVD pick a ladder match. Roode’s pride and joy was hanging high above the ring. He said that Hogan has stacked the odds against him but he is going to climb to victory and after the next episode of Impact he will be the longest reigning champion in Impact Wrestling history. Roode finished by saying that RVD is mistaken if he thinks that he can beat the ‘IT factor’.

In another promo we saw Roode say that he is still the IT factor, leader of the Selfish Generation and World Heavyweight Champion. RVD questioned whether Roode has had as much of an impact in the sport as he has. Roode has beaten everyone but RVD isn’t intimidated. The Whole F’in Show said that he has wrestled for 25 years and he’s not slowed down; he still does the moves which he did at the start of his career. Roode said that he has sacrificed everything over the 14 years that he has been in the business and will do everything he can to stay champion. RVD said that he looks at other people but all he sees is himself.

Tale of the Tape
  • RVD wins 3 Way - RVD won the three way match between himself, Hardy and Anderson to become the number one contender after Hogan threw him in to the mix.
  • Roode Behaviour - We have seen Roode exploit loopholes and take advantage of situations in recent weeks.
  • Ladder Match equals Game Changer - RVD picked the ladder stipulation after winning the Four Way match which Hogan set up. Taz said that ladders are RVD’s wheelhouse.

RVD vs. Bobby Roode - World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Ref: Earl Hebner

Roode studied the ladder before the bell rang as it could lead him back to his title. JB set the stage for the main event. RVD weighed in at 236lbs and Roode at 238lbs. Roode spoke to RVD and said “See that belt, it’s mine”. Roode took the early offense and ducked as RVD ran the ropes so that his opponent rolled over his back. RVD came back to with a few boots. Tenay said that flexibility is a big factor with RVD.

RVD went to look for a ladder and Roode went after him. RVD put a stop to the momentum by hanging Roode over the barrier. RVD went to the apron and jumped back at the champion with a 360 leg drop to crash down on him before fetching a ladder. Taz spoke and said “Pun intended, he sacrifices”.

As Roode took RVD’s legs from underneath him with a DDT, Taz said that Roode is the thinking man’s champion. Roode left the ring and took ages to grab and set up a ladder. RVD didn’t give him the chance to do anything with it as he swung his legs through the ropes and booted it in to his gut before flipping out on to him over the top rope.

RVD took the ladder in to the ring and setting it up he was ready to climb after the belt but Roode jumped him from behind and set up the ladder in the corner as we cut to a break. When we returned Roode booted RVD in the head and continued to beat him around the head as he got all over the challenger. Roode’s shoulder and head met with the ladder which he had set in the corner as RVD applied the brakes on a Whip. RVD repositioned the ladder and Roode retaliated soon after by getting RVD underneath the ladder which was now lay across the middle ropes and catapulting him in to it to break his momentum. RVD had his head stuck in between the rungs prompting a chant of “Holy shit” from the crowd.

Lifting the ladder off RVD, Roode seized the opportunity to use it as a weapon against him before setting it up on the ropes as a ramp ready for a Suplex. RVD countered with a Suplex of his own followed by a Lionsault. RVD eyed the belt up but had something else in mind as he moved the ladder to the corner. We never saw what his plans were as Roode came back only to be met with a Leg Thrust from RVD. Flying Running Body Scissors plunged Roode in to a ladder.

Roode rolled in agony over to the corner and found himself pinned there by a ladder as RVD fetched a chair for a Van Terminator after some showboating. Taz said “steel on steel on skin” as RVD inflicted pain on his opponent. RVD left Roode in the corner and began to climb up a second ladder for the belt. Roode soon joined him to fight it out as RVD was inches away from becoming the champion. Roode poked RVD in the eye with his thumb causing his challenger to fall. RVD, blinded, bumped in to the ladder which then bounced off Roode’s head after he fell off it.

Roode came back quickly and took RVD down with a Clothesline before readjusting the ladders. He was about to place one underneath the belt but had a rethink and lay it down on the mat instead. RVD connected with the ladder after Roode issued him with a Double Arm Spine Buster. The crowd erupted once again. The wrestler’s spent some time to regain energy before Roode went to get the ladder back. He tossed it to one side as he decided to go after RVD again.

RVD Monkey Flipped Roode on to a ladder and followed up with a Rolling Thunder. We saw that RVD’s elbow was busted open and pouring with blood. Shortly afterwards, RVD got Roode with a Spinning Back Heel Kick on the one set of ladders and ran high risk up the other set for a Five Star Frog Splash with encouragement from the crowd. His move proved unsuccessful as RVD’s midriff connected with the ladder as Roode moved out of the way. RVD rolled out of the ring in pain and Hebner went to check on him.
RVD tried to get back in to the ring but Roode jabbed him with a ladder before climbing up it whilst selling his injuries. RVD jumped on to the ladder from the top rope and clinging on he knocked Roode off. RVD’s leg was contorted around the rungs of the ladder as it fell. Roode climbed up another ladder and RVD tried to join him but he was booted off and ended up hitting his head off a chair which was lay below him.

Taz and Tenay thought that RVD must have been knocked out but he managed to kick out at the ladder. His efforts were in vain however as Roode got his beloved belt back and hugged and kissed it in the corner of the square ring. Medics tried to tend to RVD but he was too frustrated to deal with them as he flung the ladders about. The show ended with a shot of Roode holding on to his belt.