Friday, 29 June 2012

AJ Style's Secret

AJ and Dixie

The long running AJ Styles and Dixie Carter storyline has had many twists and turns along the way and I can’t help but feeling even though “the truth” has been revealed there is more to come out of the ‘scandal’.

To recap; at first we thought that Daniels had something on Kazarian as Kaz had seemed reluctant to be around the Fallen Angel; but after AJ cockily laid out a proposition for the rematch which he had called for back in March against Daniels, after Kaz interfered in his match the week before, costing him a win, Kaz no longer looked as though he was forced to be around Daniels; he was willing to be by his side.

The proposition was that if AJ were to win the rematch then Daniels would have to reveal whatever information he was holding about Kaz. Kaz said that he had originally wanted to protect AJ, which would explain his reluctance to be around Daniels at first, but AJ’s blatant disregard towards him in his proposition may have been what triggered him into no longer protecting his friend. It was still unclear at this stage whether Daniels held anything on Kaz but he and Kaz remained in cahoots for quite some time.

It was revealed by Daniels on April 22nd 2012 on Impact Wrestling, as Kaz led a cameraman to him, that the ‘evidence’ he was holding had nothing to do with Kaz at all, and was in fact about AJ and so the blackmail began. Kaz revealed that he was committed to exposing AJ after he looked at what he had achieved in comparison to himself and wondered how he had got his status.

The Evidence

Kaz and Daniels tormented AJ with their ‘evidence’ for a while before it was revealed piece by piece. First they had an envelope which they took ringside during AJ’s matches to distract him:

Taz was wondering “what the hell is in the envelope” and on ‘Revelation Night’ we found out as Kaz pulled out a series of photos for us all to see. The first looked as though AJ was in deep conversation with the President of TNA, Dixie Carter and AJ easily explained that one away thinking that that was the big revelation. People often talk to Dixie and Daniels knew it. That’s why he had a couple of other pictures to back him up.
AJ was lost for words as the second picture was revealed. He had his hand on Dixie’s face. Seeing AJ’s response Daniels couldn’t wait to hear his reaction to the third. AJ and Dixie were in a clinch and so we were led to believe that AJ Styles and Dixie Carter are having an affair. There could have been some innocent explanation as to what actually happened between them but Daniels had more ‘evidence’.

On May 20th 2012 AJ Styles got in the ring to speak about his ‘Secret’, and talking about the pictures he said that things aren’t as they seem; he and Dixie are both happily married. AJ said that Dixie is a beautiful, wealthy woman but didn’t get the chance to carry on with his explanation as Kaz and Daniels walked down the ramp.

Daniels said that AJ is a great athlete and from the pictures the world saw the type of moves that got him to where he is today. Kaz said that the revelation wasn’t about embarrassing AJ; it was about exposing how he left people behind. Kaz just wants the truth.

Daniels said that they may have misconstrued one photo and provided us with his second piece of evidence. It was a video which showed AJ and Dixie at a hotel looking “a bit chummy for a business relationship” as Daniels put it. Daniels said “There’s affection and passion…” but AJ shoved him and told him to shut up before he could finish what he was saying and then walked away. Daniels asked AJ if he wanted to explain what happened but he carried on walking. We’re still led to believe that they are having an affair.

Kaz and Daniels were shocked that Dixie had failed to address the rumours after they had exposed ‘the truth’ and planned to exacerbate the affair scandal situation further live on air. The next evidence they presented to us was a telephone conversation at the end of Impact’s first live show of the summer, and the conversation went as follows:

Dixie: Hello.
AJ: Hey, it’s me.
Dixie: Hey, how are ya?
AJ: I’m good.
Dixie: Good, I’m so glad you called I’ve been waiting to hear from you.  Are you coming this weekend?
AJ: I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Dixie: I’m so glad.  I am so glad.  But you have to do me a favour.  Do not let him know you are coming into town ok.  I really don’t want him to have a clue.
AJ: There’s no way he is going to find out. I’m excited.
Dixie:  I can’t tell you what it means to me that you’re going to be here.
AJ: How long do you think it will be before Serg gets there?
Dixie: Well I, I think…
AJ: How much time do we have?
Dixie: You know, let me just, do you mind if I text you, like when you’re on the road and let you know and just kind of figure that out if you need to hang back a while or whatever?
AJ: Absolutely, just let me know
Dixie: Perfect, perfect. I can't wait to see you. So glad you're coming. Talk to you soon.
AJ:  Alright, bye bye.

Dixie frantically tried to get the audio recording shut off and the following week we saw the aftermath and Tenay said that Dixie would be addressing the rumours during the show. Dixie had had a very emotional response to the ‘evidence’ and wasn’t her usual mild mannered self as she made her way backstage and shouted “You’re finished” and fired random people on the spot. In the control room she gave the director of the show, David, what for and cussed like a sailor as she demanded to know who was behind what had happened.

Dixie was visibly upset and we heard a mixed reaction from the crowd with some audience members booing and others chanting her name as she tried to talk about the rumours. She didn’t know what to say. She said that she has tried to find the right thing to say all week, but no matter what she comes up she said that someone is going to get hurt.

Dixie said that she feels sorry for Kaz and Daniels as she feels that they are so full of hate that they go around intentionally hurting other people, have big ego’s and insecurities. She said that they have thrown a “big rock in a serene pond” which has caused a ripple effect big and wide. She was ready to tell the truth as she felt that there was nothing else that she could do. She was just about to reveal what is really going on between herself and AJ Styles when Daniels’ music hit and the terrible twosome made their way in to the ring.

Dixie’s response would suggest an affair but the fact that Dixie was about to tell the truth and Daniels came out again kind of made me think otherwise. Why not just let her come out with it? What was she going to say that he didn’t approve of?

Daniels told Dixie not to listen to the boo’s and said that he understands that it is hard, but said that as he knows the truth he volunteered to help her to tell it. He said that Dixie made a mistake and would have been happy to hide it but got found out. Daniels thinks he knows why she fell for AJ and said that she should have just said that a “woman wants what a woman needs” but the real truth, according to Daniels is that she has a hole in her heart that her husband Serg couldn’t fill. Daniels probed for details; he wanted to know who called first and where they met up etc.

Dixie flipped and hysterically swung punches at him before getting backed in to the corner of the ring where she sat and kicked out at him. Daniels stooped over her and told her that he doesn’t care who she thinks she is and that she should not think that she can ever lay her hands on him.

AJ ran to her defence and Kaz and Daniels bailed. Dixie remained in the corner and Serg came from out of the crowd to help her up. There was a moment where he just stood and looked between AJ and Dixie before he took a shot at AJ and knocked ‘The Phenomenal One’ to the mat before leaving the ring. Taz said that what we had just witnessed was awkward; AJ whispered something in to Dixie’s ear and they left together. Serg punching AJ would also suggest that he believes that they are having an affair and the way they left the building together didn’t help the situation.

The story took a big swerve when on June 24th here in the UK we saw AJ and Dixie walk down to the ring holding hands and step in to finally reveal the truth. It looked like they were going to chicken out as Dixie didn’t know where to start and AJ said they could just leave, which would leave people thinking that they are having an affair whether they are or not, when a mystery woman showed up.

Claire Lynch The woman looked pregnant and introduced herself as Claire Lynch. She was upset and told AJ and Dixie that they didn’t have to ‘do this’. She said that Dixie and AJ are good people and wanted to set the record straight. She said that she knew that she could go to Dixie for anything; she needed help and they have been helping her with some personal issues.

Claire said that AJ has the highest moral character she has ever seen, and that she is out to tell the truth. She said that Dixie and AJ were not having an affair said admitted that she is an addict and that she was just trying to get clean. Claire said that her addiction started with drinking and then pills. She started taking money and woke up in hotels with strangers…both of them have helped her; AJ took her to rehab and they both kept her secret. Of course there
had to be some kind of explanation, AJ and Dixie's characters are holier than thou aren’t they?

Daniels and Kaz were shown backstage and Daniels was shocked about Claire’s appearance and Kaz was confused. They both made their way out to the ring and Daniels was taken out of the ring as quickly as he got in it. AJ destroyed both men, taking Kaz down with a Pele and a Power Bomb. Daniels went back for more and the show ended.

This really raises more questions than it answered. That was the big ‘secret’? AJ and Dixie were helping a friend? Why could they not just come out and say that in the first place. Who exactly were they hurting? Claire said at the start that nobody knows who she is. There has got to be more to this story. Surely AJ wasn’t throwing away his matches because he was trying to help a friend? The crowd didn’t buy in to the story and gave the actress who played Claire the “What?!” treatment after everything she said.

Why did Dixie hide the fact that she's helping Claire from her husband? Why was Serg left in the dark about this? Was he in on it to? Dixie has access to people who run the TNA ‘wellness policy’ surely they could have dealt with it.

The ‘evidence’ that Daniels had doesn’t stack up, the photos, the video, and the phone call all pointed to an affair but didn’t make sense with where the story has gone. Did Daniels know that they weren’t having an affair and make it seem that way to get Kaz on his side? He’d stopped people from revealing ‘the truth’ in the past, why not now? Did he not know who Claire is?

AJ had said during the call that he wouldn't miss it for the world. Miss what? Looking at an addict with the DT’s? Is that really something to get excited about? We can stop questioning the call as TNA has revealed that Daniels had edited it and the real conversation went as follows:

Dixie: Hello. 
AJ: Hey, it’s me. 
Dixie: Hey, how are ya? 
AJ: I’m good. 
Dixie: Good, I’m so glad you called I’ve been waiting to hear from you.  Are you coming this weekend? 
AJ: I wouldn’t miss it for the world. 
Dixie: I’m so glad.  I am so glad.  Serg is gonna be so excited that you are going to be able to make it, and...  But you have to do me a favour.  Do not let him know you are coming into town ok. I’ve kept this birthday party a secret long enough, uh, he’ll know once he pulls up, but up until that point I really don’t want him to have a clue. 
AJ: There’s no way he is going to find out, this is gonna be awesome, this is gonna be a great party.  I’m excited. 
Dixie:  Well listen, you and Wendy y’all bring the kids if you can.  There’ll be lots of families there, kids, jump houses, the whole thing, but I, I can’t tell you what it means to me that you’re going to be here. 
AJ: Well let me ask you this, something, uh, since we’re driving in, how long do you think it will be before Serg gets there? 
Dixie: Well I, I think… 
AJ: How much time do we have? 
Dixie: You know, let me just, do you mind if I text you, like when you’re on the road and let you know and just kind of figure that out if you need to hang back a while or whatever? 
AJ: Oh yeah, yeah 
Dixie:  But, uh, I think I’ll have a better idea once we get there. 
AJ: Yeah, just let me know. Give me a call. 
Dixie:  Ok, talk to you soon. Can’t wait. 
AJ:  Alright, bye bye.

TNA said on their website that they have reached out to Daniels for comment but he hasn’t responded yet. Kaz isn’t going to be happy that Daniels faked the call as he was only in cahoots with him as he thought that AJ had got to where he is today by “Whistling Dixie” as Daniels put it. Where does this leave the tag team partners?

The affair angle had offered a lot of possibilities and was interesting but where do we go from here? Daniels isn’t going to want to look like an idiot, what’s he going to do next? He had another envelope on the episode of Open Fight Night which was aired here on June 24th 2012 but we never saw what was in it. Is AJ really as wholesome as he seems or are we going to see an addition to the list of AJ’s on his torso in the near future?