Thursday, 28 June 2012

TNA Presents Slammiversary X

To open the show we were shown highlights from previous Slammiversary events to showcase just some of the unforgettable memories which we all have from 10 years of TNA. Highlights included Kurt Angle head-butting Samoa Joe, Abyss catching fire and Elix Skipper jumping from the top of a steel cage with a Hurricanrana. We were told that the 10 year anniversary spectacular is not just about where the company has been but where it is going. It’s not just about evolution, but revolution. Slammiversary X promises to be a landmark event.

Hulk Hogan’s music hit and, striking the same old poses, he played with the crowd from the top of the entrance ramp. So much for evolution… Has the General Manager got his voice back after it began to fail him on Impact Wrestling? Several minutes later, 8 minutes in to the show he spoke with full voice as he welcomed us to Slammiversary X saying “It’s a celebration of 10 years of TNA Jack”.

Hogan said that he has been around the block and the company is shooting to the moon. He has made some changes but says that there are more to be made and that he loves pushing buttons. For the first match of the night (Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries) ‘The Hulkster’ said that he was going old school and the button which he was going to push was that Aries’ title would be on the line as they go head to head in an X Division title match.

Tenay said that that is how you take charge and control and Taz said that he loves Hogan’s unpredictability. If you are wondering about Joe’s size, Tenay explained that Joe is heavy but it doesn’t matter as with Hogan going “old school” there are “no limits” which is what the X Division was all about. Taz spoke about Aries only finding out that his title was on the line when we did and said that Aries wasn’t “sweating it”.

Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries – X Division Title Match

Ref: Earl Hebner

The match got started with some Arm Bar Reversals until Aries caught Joe in a Headlock. Joe responded by flooring him with a Shoulder Block. Aries got in a few kicks before they started with the feeling out process all over again for a fresh start. Joe was first to attack as he slapped and kicked his opponent. Aries slapped Joe back and carried on with the offense.

Aries hit a Hurricanrana which saw Joe leave the ring. He then went after Joe with a Suicide Dive but was met with a Roundkick as Joe showed his agility. Aries received another boot from the Samoan Submission Machine and had his face washed. Aries jumped at Joe but missed, allowing Joe to go for a quick cover.

Aries tried to make a comeback but was hit with an intense Snap Slam. Aries just couldn’t seem to shake Joe off him. Joe went airborne with a Senton Splash and Aries raised his knees to send the force through his opponent’s body. Joe wasn’t best pleased and hit Aries with a Forearm which sent him to the floor.

Joe leapt after Aries and hit nothing but the floor as Aries got himself out of the way and back in to the ring to show Joe how it is done by hitting him with a Suicide Dive, a Neck Breaker and a Missile Dropkick in quick succession. Joe caught Aries and planted him with a Running Power Slam for a two count as the Champ tried for more.

Aries struck the Challenger and Joe chopped him back. Taz warned Aries not to go punch for punch with Joe and Aries must have been listening as he tried for another Hurricanrana instead but Joe countered with a big Power Bomb and made the transition into a Boston Crab. Joe kept the offense and we saw a STF and a Full Nelson from him. Aries tried to counter but Joe rolled him through for two.

Joe connected with Aries with some nasty head-butts in the corner and lifted him to the top rope. Tenay asked if we would see a Muscle Buster as Aries tried to fight his way out. Joe kicked Aries and he tried to fight some more. He succeeded and boxed Joe around the ears before hitting a 450 Splash for 2.5. With both men down, Hebner began to count.

Hebner reached seven before both wrestlers began to fight from their knees. Aries came out on top and tried for a Spinning Discuss but Joe applied a Coquina Clutch, dropped to his knees and wrapped his legs around him. Aries countered and rolled Joe up for a pin attempt.  Joe came back from the near fall and hit Aries with an Urinogi in the corner and set him up on the top rope once more and chopped him.

Joe looked for a Muscle Buster again but Aries countered and dropped down with a Crucifix Slam. Aries kept the offense with a Running Dropkick and finished Joe off with a Brain Buster for a win and to retain his title.

This match was a great opener to the show and could have gone either way as it was very back and forth. Taz said that it was an amazing contest by two amazing wrestlers and I agree. The pair bumped fists out of respect and Aries looked in to the camera as he made his way out of the arena and said “That’s right; I’m the greatest man that ever lived.”

After a break Taz asked “How do we follow that?” after Aries and Samoa wowed us. Tenay welcomed us back and said that he believes that Roode could be in trouble before we went in to the next match which was announced by Christy Hemme.

Kid Kash vs. Hernandez

Ref: Brian Stiffler

Here we saw the return of former X Division champion Kid Kash ready for more physicality. Taz said that we are going to see the pair bang heads. Kash took the offense right from the start and showed off his speed early with a leap frog but Hernandez powered him out of the ring with a Shoulder Tackle and brought him back in with a Hip Toss. Kash came back with a Dropkick to Hernandez's shoulder and then worked on it over the ropes in a submission as he tried to make his shoulder pop, he then bit his nose! Kash carried on with the submissions and dropped in to a Cross Arm Breaker. Commentary were surprised that Kash had chosen to work on Hernandez’s arm.

Hernandez tried to make a comeback with some chops but Kash punched him in the face and went high risk. Kash bothched a Hurricanrana to face plant Hernandez in to the mat before hitting a Tornado DDT. Hernandez stood on the apron and Slingshot his way back in to cut off Kash as he ran at him. Both men were down and Stiffler counted to five before they got up.

Hernandez gathered momentum and with another Shoulder Block he sent Kash out to the floor. Hernandez flew out at him with a huge Suicide Dive over the top rope and then tried to Border Toss him back in, but Kash dropped off the apron. Kash Dropkicked Hernandez in the corner. Hernandez ended the match with a Top Rope Splash for the win.

After the match we were shown moment number 3 in TNA history as we went back to 19th June 2005 where AJ Styles became the first ever X Division champion.

Robbie E and Robbie T vs. Devon and Garett Bischoff

Ref: Earl Hebner

As we have come to expect, the two Robbie’s were wearing matching cardigans again as they made their entrances and commentary discussed the interfering which they have done during Devon’s matches. Taz said that it is driving Big Rob nuts not having the belt.

Robbie E faced Garett to start and asked his opponent who he thinks he is as he attempted to intimidate him. Garett hit a Clothesline and Robbie E went over to the corner to tag Robbie T. Garett stopped in his tracks and weighed up the situation before trying to knock Robbie T down. Hebner went over to talk to Devon and Robbie E seized the opportunity to pull Garett out of the ring.

Madison Rayne stood at the top of the ramp to watch over her mystery fella as Big Rob tagged back in and hit a Clothesline for a cover of two. Devon tried to motivate Garett from the apron as he tried to take the offense but it was no use, as Robbie T Shouldered him in the corner and lifted him before tagging in his partner and Side Slamming him to the mat. Robbie E picked up what Robbie T had started and covered for a pin attempt.

The pin was broken up by Devon who was chastised for doing so. Robbie T smiled as Robbie E applied a Sleeper Submission on Garett who was desperately trying to tag in Devon. He finally got the hot tag and Devon got in to the ring and floored Robbie E over and over. Devon Shouldered Robbie T off the apron and then rubbed his knuckles over Robbie E’s head before hitting him with a Flying Shoulder for a pin attempt. Robbie T broke the count.

Robbie T went to run the ropes but Garett pulled on the ropes to send him over the top. Devon performed his Choke Slamming finisher to obtain yet another win. The victors celebrated with a hug and busted some moves.

Backstage, JB, Jeremy Borash was with the tag team champions, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian who had Appletini cocktails. Kaz bragged about all of his firsts within in the company and Daniels pledged that he will do all sorts including getting AJ to tell the truth, beat AJ and Angle tonight and continue to be champions.

Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy – World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contenders Match

Ref: Brian Hebner

Anderson stood at the top of the ramp and called for his mic and said that it sounds like there are a “couple of Assholes in tonight”. He thanked the crowd for their chants and introduced himself. The crowd joined in. Tenay pointed out that Anderson was on the outside looking in at the title until Hogan included him in the picture. As RVD made his entrance Tenay said that he deserves to be in this match. Hardy sang along to his entrance music and acknowledged the fans. Tenay said that the “creatures are out in full force” and Taz said that he feeds off them; they get him rolling.

Before the match started Tenay said that all of men have been fighting for several months and we’ll find out shortly who will be the number one contender. Taz said that they are all ‘main event guys’. Hardy used a ‘coin flip distraction’, as Taz put it, to get in the first move; he went after RVD first at the bell. Anderson tried to rein Hardy in but was hit with a Forearm. Hardy used Anderson’s back to launch himself into RVD with a running Dropkick and got caught in a Spinning Neck Breaker by Anderson for two.

Anderson tried to get RVD with the same move straight afterwards but to no avail. RVD took the offense and kicked Anderson in the corner before pulling on Hardy’s leg. RVD tried to keep the momentum of his rampage going but his attempts at a Monkey Flip on Anderson were blocked.

Hardy climbed the ropes and Anderson joined him, beating him as he climbed. RVD went through Anderson’s legs ready for a possible Tower of Doom but Anderson sent him out to the floor and Superplexed Hardy. RVD was determined to make a move and tried for a massive Five Star Frog Splash but it caught nothing but mat as both of his targets moved out of the way. Hebner counted to six as the wrestlers lay on the floor of the ring. Anderson began to punch from his knees and stayed on top until he was met by a Spin Kick from RVD.

RVD, having temporarily taken care of Anderson went after Hardy with Leg Scissors for two before Monkey Flipping Anderson with such force that ‘The Asshole’ landed on Hardy. Hardy received a Leg Thrust from RVD soon afterwards before we saw RVD slide off Anderson’s back and get covered by Hardy and Anderson at the same time as Hardy jumped in on to RVD’s legs for two. Anderson then got a pin of two on Hardy.

Hardy reversed a whip from Anderson and RVD pulled Anderson out of the ring. Anderson wasn’t amused and he and RVD began to brawl outside the ring. Hardy climbed to the top rope and wiped his targets out with a big Cross Body on to the floor. Hardy picked Anderson up and launched him in to the steel steps and went after RVD to try and put him away. He threw him in to the ring and hit him with a Back Elbow before going straight for a Whisper in the Wind. Hardy was wasting no movement. He avoided Anderson’s attacks and went for a Twist of Fate to plant RVD and then removed his shirt. He meant business as he looked over at Anderson, saw him recover and dealt him a Swanton for two.

Anderson launched Hardy out of the ring and into the barriers ready to go after RVD but things didn’t work out as planned as he ended up eating RVD’s boot in the corner. RVD went for a Rolling Thunder but Anderson countered with a Mic Check for the win, making him the new Number One Contender. Tenay gave kudos to Hogan for coming up with that match and Anderson said “Bobby, I’m coming for you” before we moved on with the show.

Backstage JB was with Crimson. Crimson told us that he has now been undefeated for over 470 days and coming out with a couple of baseball references he said that nobody will ever beat him. He isn’t bothered who he’s up against and told JB that he could face him for all he cares.

As Crimson headed out to the ring Taz said that he is gutsy to say that he will beat anyone and Tenay said that he deserves to be cocky. Crimson began to brag about his undefeated streak and trash talked to the crowd saying that after 470 days he finds himself again “looking at the biggest losers in life.” He said that nobody in the back wants to challenge him so he’ll fight the Mavericks, Rangers or Cowboys if he has to; but for now, he’ll just sit back and wait.

Crimson propped himself up against the turnbuckle and did as he said and waited. Will anyone take the call? The crowd chanted “Goldberg” but we heard the former World Heavyweight Champion James Storm’s music hit instead. Crimson was unimpressed; he was expecting to be able to just call over a Ref and count out as we have seen him do before.

Crimson vs. James Storm – Crimson’s Open Challenge

Ref: Brian Stiffler

Storm wasted no time and immediately blasted Crimson with a Clothesline out of the ring and then Suplexed him back in for a pounding. He’s not even taken his jacket off yet as he Chopped and Slapped at Crimson’s chest. Storm turned his back on Crimson and found himself being choked with his own jacket as Crimson tried to make a comeback.

Storm came back straight away with a string of moves including an inverted Atomic Bomb before feeding off the crowd. He was psyched and jumped up and down like a kid excited for Christmas. He must have been warming his leg up because Storm ended Crimson’s winning streak with a Last Call Superkick.

Storm went and got himself a drink from the crowd and it was a beer shower for everyone as Tenay said “Sixteen months and it’s over. Everyone celebrates.”

JB was with the X Division Champion Austin Aries backstage and congratulated him on being victorious in the opening match before asking him what is next for him. Aries said that he has gone from wanting a contract to dominating in a short period of time. He said that people say every month that he is facing his biggest challenge and every month he passes the test. Aries wants to be a main eventer and will do anything it takes to get there; he is after all “The greatest man that ever lived.”

On to number two for the Slammiversary countdown moments in TNA history and we were taken back to October 27th 2009 where during a press conference we were told that Hulk Hogan would be joining the company.

After a break Dixie Carter made her way to the ring in the College Park Center of Arlington. Texas. Despite the ‘evidence’ which Kaz and Daniels have shown over the past few weeks and the boos which we have heard for her recently, Dixie received a very warm welcome; probably because she’s a Texan. Taz commented on the cheers and said that it is good that the crowd have left the AJ/Dixie story to one side as “Tonight is a celebration” and a big night for her and the company. The arena erupted with chants of “Thank you Dixie” before the President of the company began her speech.

Dixie announced that the crowd of people which we there to watch Slammiversary X was the largest US crowd that they have ever played to, and thanked a bunch of people including Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, Spike TV, and “most importantly” all of the fans for taking them to that moment. She said that she hopes that everybody is having a good time and then thanked all of the wrestlers and officials before asking them to come out on to the stage. AJ was out first. Dixie said that she is proud to be associated with them all and went on to introduce the first inductee in to the TNA Hall of Fame.

The first inductee is the Professional Wrestling Icon Sting! To mark the occasion we were shown clips of people from the roster talking about ‘The Insane Icon’ in a video package as they praised his career. From their comments it is clear that they all love him. They said that he knows how to perform and wrestle and said that “he is the franchise”. Crimson said that he has always wanted to wrestle alongside him and Hogan told us that Sting doesn’t know just how good he is and it all works.

Sting received a massive ovation as he made his way to the ring and once he got there he stood quietly for a moment before saying “WOO!” and hugging Dixie. A "Thank you Sting” chant was started up by the crowd and a Daniel Bryan style “Yes! Yes! Yes!” followed soon after. Dixie said that Sting gets the same response everywhere that they go and went on to say that TNA needed an ‘icon’ and he stepped up. She said that String had said that he was only supposed to stay in the company for a short while but he keeps on coming back.

After Dixie had finished putting across how much Sting means to the company she said that she doesn’t want to distract him from the match which he has tonight, and concluded by telling us that the official celebration of Sting being inducted in to the Hall of Fame will take place at Bound for Glory.

Sting humbly took to the mic and said that he wasn’t prepared for the announcement that had just been made as he thought that he was just there to wrestle. He thanked Dixie, the roster, and the fans and said that the fans always chant for him so he chanted for them. To end the segment, Sting said that he is there to perform and entertain and tonight “it’s show time”.

Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim - Knockouts Championship Match

Ref: Brian Stiffler

Tenay recapped the events leading up to this match and reminded us that it was because of the four way match which was set up by Brooke Hogan that Tessmacher is in this title match now. He said that Kim has done everything to keep the title and questioned whether she would take another shortcut. Taz said that when Kim had joined them at the commentary desk during Impact Wrestling she said that she didn’t care who won the four way match, and Tenay said that he still believes that Tessmacher has got Kim’s number.

Kim got in a quick pin attempt early on after a brief Tie Up and Tessmacher delivered an Arm Drag and tried to keep the moves flowing but Kim took herself out on to the floor. Kim dragged Tessmacher out with her and drove her in to the apron of the ring and a turnbuckle. Back inside the ring Tessmacher hit a Clothesline and a Hurricanrana but the momentum was broken up by Kim as she dropped her throat first on to the top rope.

Tessmacher fired herself out of the corner and was caught and dropped by Kim for two. Kim kept the offense and applied an Arm Lock before executing Head Scissors and issuing a Hammer and a Boot to force Tessmacher’s chin in to the mat for another two count. Kim carried on with the advantage by choking Tessmacher on the bottom rope before parading herself around the ring.

Tessmacher came back with a Neckbreaker which took both of the girls down. Tessmacher fought back with a Flying Forearm off the ropes and a Dropkick as Kim tried to fight from the corner. Kim came back with a Neckbreaker of her own and knocked Tessmacher off the apron with her shoulder, sending her into the barrier before sitting on the turnbuckle to wave to the audience.

Stiffler began to count Tessmacher out so Kim dragged her back in to the ring and tried for her finisher, Eat Defeat. Tessmacher blocked so Kim tried for Tessmacher’s finisher instead and failed as Tessmacher saw it coming and countered, rolling Kim up for the win. We have a new champion.

Hemme asked an exhausted looking Tessmacher how it feels to win in her home state. Tessmacher thanked everybody and said that she has overcome obstacles on the best roster. She said that it felt “epic” to win in her home state before winding up with “God bless Texas”. Tenay had the last words and said that Tessmacher had the home state advantage.

JB began to talk about what was tending on Twitter when Bully Ray snuck up behind him and gagged him with his hand. Ray asked JB who he is and where he is from. JB answered each question correctly in turn saying “Bully Ray” and “Hell’s Kicthen”; Ray said that he is from "God's Country" before saying that he has got Joseph Park where he wants him, in a wrestling ring. Ray said that there won’t be any wrestling in the ring however as he’s going for an all-out assault.

Ray reminded the lawyer that with the contract which he has signed “anything goes” and said that he will not be wrong twice. He said that he may not have left Abyss for dead the first time but will if he shows up tonight.

Next we saw a video package of Joseph Park searching for Abyss including the interviews which he conducted and how the evidence pointed to Ray. We also saw Ray telling Park to shove off and Ray saying that Park has no business being in a ring. Other highlights included Abyss’ warning, Ray hitting Park and telling him that he is guilty, the proposition which has led up to tonight’s fight between the pair, the contract signing and Abyss appearing on screen to say that his brother and Bully Ray will find out how dead he is tonight. 

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park – Anything Goes

Ref: Earl Hebner

Tenay set the scene and reminded us that Ray wasn’t happy with having a standard wrestling match and went for an ‘anything goes’ match where he would have no liability. Taz said that he doesn’t blame Ray for having a no liability clause as he would do the same. Park made his entrance; he was wearing a tracksuit and looked extremely nervous. The crowd took a dig at Ray and chanted “Yankee’s suck!”

Ray was eager to get things started and said “Let’s go, take the first shot”. Park took off his glasses as Taz said that Ray could give him the first five shots and it wouldn’t matter. Park took a swing at Ray and almost fell over as he missed. Ray asked him if he was serious. Park’s arms were going like a windmill until Ray slapped him around the head and put his own arms behind his back as if to make it easier for Park. Of course he wasn’t really going to make things easy for him and spat in his face before slapping him and calling him a coward.

Ray ran at Park but ended up eating the turnbuckle as Park moved out of the way. Park then slapped Ray back and turned to the crowd in shock. Ray took advantage and blindsiding him with a Forearm he dropped him to the mat and choked him saying “Come on lawyer boy” as he bounced on him. The crowd chanted “New York sucks”.

Ray left the ring and went to get a chair. Park used some quick thinking and kicked the rope as Ray tried to get back in to the ring so that the vibration tripped him. Park grabbed the chair and held it the wrong way around. Ray said “Please don’t” and Park foolishly turned away from his opponent. Ray attacked him with two chair shots to the back and the action spilled out of the ring.

Ray smacked Park’s head off the commentary table and hit him with a water bottle before issuing him with some Head Shots over by the barriers. Ray then rolled Park back in to the ring and jumped at him with a Senton. Park had moved out of the way and was now feeding off the crowd whilst ‘Hulking’ up. His adrenaline had really kicked in as he channelled power in to his fists and unloaded on to Ray in the corner until Ray tried to take his face off with his boot.

Ray grabbed himself a table as Park lay on the mat. He also had a Kendo stick and the crowd chanted “E C Dub”. Ray shouted “Screw you Joseph Park!” and went to attack him but Park managed to get Ray in the yam bags and grabbing the Kendo stick he swung at him for a near fall. Park tried to keep the offense and went to Splash Ray but Ray elbowed him out of the ring.

Park slid under the ring to hide and Abyss came out from the other side. Ray was gobsmacked and said “What the?!” Abyss Choke Slammed Ray through the table and Tenay said “Back in to Abyss” as he disappeared back under the ring. Did nobody think to look under there for him during the search?

Park made his way back out from underneath the ring and hadn’t seen what had happened. He saw Ray lying motionless on the mat and took a pin for the win. Hebner raised his arm and Tenay said that ‘The Monster’ had promised that he would return and he did.

JB stood with Bobby Roode back stage ahead of his match against Sting. Roode said that it is a night of celebration with 10 years of TNA and the Hall of Fame etc, but he feels that the only thing which should be celebrated is him. He’s “the best of the best” in his eyes. He congratulated Sting and said that it was a big surprise but he doesn’t “give a crap” and the only thing that people will remember about Sting is him ending his career.

After a break Hulk Hogan made his way back in to the arena to talk from the stage. He said “Give it up for Joseph Park” before saying that he has another surprise for us. It’s Christian Cage! Cage came out to a massive ovation and Taz said that he was shocked to see him there. Tenay said that he knew that he was making an appearance. The crowd chanted “Please come back”.

Cage asked if we could guess the question which he has been asked all week and then confirmed that the rumours are true about him appearing at Slammiversary, even though we can see him there, before telling us to “Drink it in” as Christian Cage was standing in a TNA ring. The wrestler counted the corners of the ring and joked that there are a couple missing. He said that even though some of the faces and venues have changed throughout the years the one thing that hasn't changed is the fans, and that it is the fans that have allowed TNA to carry on for ten years and beyond.

Cage said that everybody in attendance at Slammiversary and all of the fans watching at home should stand up and applaud themselves before telling us what fans had voted as the number one moment in the top ten of TNA history.

The number one moment took us to the very first Slammiversary back on January 15th 2006 where Sting returned and took a baseball bat to Jeff Jarrett’s guitar.

Next up was a video package to take us in to the next match. It showed us the back story to AJ’s secret with Kaz and Daniels going ring side with the envelope which contained pictures of AJ and Dixie and Angle warning them to stay out of his matches. Other moments included; Kaz and Daniels revealing the pictures and video of AJ and Dixie, Angle helping AJ, the phone call between the President of the company and ‘The Phenomenal One’, her reaction, and AJ jumping in the ring to help Dixie only to get decked by her Husband Serg.

Talking about the appearance of Cage, Taz said that he cannot believe that Tenay knew about him being there and he didn’t. He said that he needs to check Twitter more often as he only does so biweekly at the moment as he shares an internet connection with his family.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles – Tag Team Championship Match

Ref: Earl Hebner

Kaz threw Angle out of the ring and AJ hit the ring as soon as his music started and was straight to business but Kaz kept the advantage. We saw AJ perform his Leap and Drop combo but he was Side Slammed by Kaz for two.

AJ executed a Dropkick and, keeping the offense, the action spilled out on to the floor where AJ was almost sent into the barrier but he managed to slide underneath it and then launch himself off it to hit Kaz with a Clothesline. We were told that Angle had hit Daniels with a Clothesline of his own but as it was off camera we didn’t see it. AJ tagged in Angle for a Double Team Suplex on Kaz before Angle took over and beat on Kaz until he had his eyes raked.

Angle was now facing Daniels and Daniels was on top until a Back Body Drop stopped him in his stride. AJ tagged back in and executed a huge Back Breaker on Daniels. Kaz tagged in and issued AJ with some Elbows to the face and called him a “Son of a bitch”. AJ soon found himself hung up in the ropes with his leg looking mangled as Kaz kicked him in the head whilst Daniels held on to his legs. Kaz continued with the attack and Booted AJ in the gut and Daniels, working a quick tag, jumped in to AJ’s sternum. AJ wasn’t having much luck as we saw a Hip Toss from Daniels and a Leg Drop for two on him followed by another two count as Angle put in the boot to break it up. Kaz hit a Forearm Splash and tried for more but AJ countered with a Neck Breaker Suplex and tagged in Angle.

Angle faced Daniels again and issued him with a Belly to Belly Suplex followed by a German Suplex and an Angle Slam for two as Kaz broke the cover. Angle then did the same to Kaz and issued him with Suplex after Suplex. Angle went for a third on Kaz but he tried to grab hold of the ropes to stop him. Kaz ended up grabbing hold of Daniels and we saw “Gernam Suplexes in Stereo” as Taz put it, as Angle delivered a German Suplex to both men at the same time.  Taz tipped his Suplex Hat to Angle for that spot before Angle locked on to Daniels, the hold didn’t last long as Kaz kicked the Olympic Gold Medallist in the face. Daniels went for Angel Wings but Angle blocked the manoeuvre and tagged in his partner.

AJ hit a Springboard Forearm in to Kaz and executed a Back Flip DDT on each of his opponents.  Starting with a High Collar Suplex from Angle we saw a flurry of moves until AJ Face Planted Kaz and Floated Over for two. AJ then lifted Kaz to the top rope before a Ref Bump stopped him from carrying on with the move which he had planned. Angle stepped in and delivered a Belly to Belly Suplex to take Kaz down. Angle tried to celebrate but was met with a Judo Kick from Daniels.

AJ and Daniels began to exchange and the pair connected with a Head-butt. Daniels went for a Best Moonsault Ever and was planted with a German Suplex from Angle as soon as he landed. AJ was in and issued Kaz with a Pele before tagging Angle back in for him to hit a Five Star Frog Splash from the top rope on to Kaz for two. He could have won the match but Daniels pulled Earl away from the count. AJ wiped Daniels out with a Springboard Shooting Star Press on to the concrete as a punishment.

Angle almost received a full on Fade to Black from Kaz but managed to counter with an Angle Lock. Kaz couldn’t get to the ropes and was forced to tap leaving us with new Tag Team Champions.

With the Main Event closing in we were played a Sting and Roode promo package where we saw Sting applying his face paint and Roode training. Roode pointed out that he is the longest reigning champion and said that Sting is back for the wrong reasons and should have stayed away. Roode is happy to end Sting’s career and thought that he had already done it but Sting hadn’t had enough.

Angle, Hogan and Daniels are backing Sting to take the Championship tonight but Roode said that he is dominant and will stay that way as we moved on to the Tale of the Tape.

Tale of the Tape

Taz said that Sting has ‘poundage’ going in to this match and the other points raised were as follows:

- Roode has set the record for the longest title reign
- The Sting and Hulk Hogan dynamic after Sting stepped down from being General Manager
- Icon’s revenge as Roode injured Sting and took him out of the company for a while

Sting vs. Bobby Roode - World Heavyweight Championship Match

Ref: Brian Hebner

Tenay said that it had already been a great night for Sting as he has been inducted in to the Hall of Fame. Roode was sporting an extravagant robe with his belt over the top. Taz said “Don’t kick a bear in the nuts” and that’s what Roode did to Sting and Sting is out for revenge.

JB set the stage in the College Park Center for tonight’s main event. Roode weighed in at lower amount to Sting giving ‘The Icon’ “poundage” as Taz pointed out moments ago. Roode shoved Hebner as JB carried on with his introduction.

Sting moved towards Roode and Roode stepped back to try and dictate the pace. Roode slowly removed his robe and kissed his belt before handing it over to Hebner. Sting tried to get inside Roode’s head but Roode just stepped out of the ring as Sting approached him. Taz said that Roode wants to pick the spot to get going and Tenay said “And get going we will” as the bell rang and we went to a break.

When we returned Roode found himself cornered and bailed from the ring. I think he’s been taking tips from Bully Ray as he kept stalling and used Hebner as a shield to protect himself and got out of the ring again to take yet another breather. Sting followed him this time but was dominated by the champ. Sting fought back and tried for a Scorpion Death Lock but couldn’t catch Roode’s foot as he took himself out of the ring once more.

Sting had had enough and bounced him off the barriers and launched him back in to the ring. Roode begged off but Sting was having none of it, Hip Tossed him and tried for the Scorpion Death Lock again. Roode managed to get himself out of the ring again but Sting was focused and followed him out again and rammed him in to the steel steps as he tried to walk away before throwing him back in to the ring again.

Roode took back the momentum and bounced Sting’s chin off the ropes and Stomped on him. He Booted him in his shoulder and then getting out of the ring he pulled Sting’s head over the apron and Elbowed him in the neck. Getting back in the ring he bounced Sting around and executed a Snapmare before cockily saying “Let’s end this.” Sting fought back and had Roode in the corner.

Roode kicked out and got a pin attempt on Sting as he tried to kick back. Roode then worked a Sleeper Hold on the first Hall of Famer inductee and Sting couldn’t seem to get to the ropes. Feeding off the crowd however Sting managed to break free and tried to apply a Sleeper of his own. Roode countered with a Body Drop and climbed the ropes. Sting hit Roode and took him off the ropes with a second rope Suplex before finally getting him in a Scorpion Death Lock. Roode looked to tap but managed to reach the rope.

Roode tried to run but his lower back was clearly bothering him as he ended up circling the ring instead and had left the ring. Sting was in pursuit as the champion tried to leave the arena again and bounced Roode off the barriers and dragged him back down the ramp. The crowd chanted “You still got it” at ‘The Icon’ as he rolled Roode back in to the ring. Roode rolled himself straight back out prompting Sting to go for a Stinger Splash on to him, sending him in to the barriers.

Roode was taken round to the commentary desk and Sting locked him in a Scorpion Death Lock on top of it. Roode tapped and Tenay excitedly pointing at the action, pointed out that he was tapping but Taz reminded him that it doesn’t matter as you cannot win by submission outside of the ring.

Roode grabbed the beer bottles which were left over from ‘The Cowboy’ James Storm's return from earlier on and went to hit Sting with one of them. Sting stopped him and Hebner took it the bottle off Sting saying “You can’t use that”. Roode grabbed another bottle and used another bottle shot behind Hebner’s back to take another cheap win and retain his title.

Sting was cut open and boy was he pissed. He Clotheslined Roode out of the ring and knocked Hebner out with a punch to the face. This is certainly not the behaviour which you would expect from a Hall of Fame inductee. He then bounced Roode off the barriers as he dragged him up the ramp. Once they reached the top of the ramp Sting Suplexed his opponent before moving him over to the steel structure and launching him in to it.

A Scorpion Death Drop performed by Sting took both men off the stage and knocked Roode out (after he asked Sting if his head was ok when they slipped off the boxes). Sting now had a cut on the back of his head to match the one on the front. Will Sting receive a punishment for his actions? Hogan had said that he promised to have Sting’s back when he took the GM job.