Sunday, 10 June 2012

TNA Slammiversary VIII (2010)

For this year’s Slammiversary (2010) the event wasn’t named after the year but the anniversary which it marked for TNA. This wasn’t the only change which we saw either as the format of the show changed too. It also marked the first time that the Slammiversary Pay per View had forgone its trademark King of the Mountain Match, instead opting for a Singles Match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World. The card featured 9 matches with 3 titles on the line.

The show kicked off with a #TREMENDOUS match, as Al Snow would say, between Kaz and ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ Kurt Angle. As you can imagine this was a great encounter full of Suplex’s and High Risk attacks. The end finally came as Kurt Angle trapped Kaz in the middle of the ring with an Angle Lock and a Leg Grapevine which forced Kaz to tap out.

In the second match of the night we had the pleasure of watching one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world today put his X Division Championship on the line as the Champ, Douglas Williams, faced Brian Kendrick. Kendrick put up a great fight with a lot of Aerial Attacks but Williams’ knowhow helped him retain his title as he hit a Top Rope Spinning DDT for the win.

The TNA Knockouts title was on the line in the next match as Madison Rayne faced Roxxi Laveaux. This match had a special stipulation in that if Roxxi did not capture the title she would be immediately released from TNA. After a fairly mundane match Rayne hit her finisher, the Rayne Drop, and picked up the win.

In the match which followed we saw the student Jesse Neal go up against his teacher Brother Ray. With their rivalry becoming even more heated, Brother Devon came to the ring just before the match could start and seemingly calmed the situation as Ray and Neal hugged and walked up the ramp together.

As they reached the top of the ramp Ray turned on Neal and began a vicious beat down on him. Neal tried to mount several come backs but Ray was just too powerful. The match ended as the Hardcore Legend Tommy Dreamer made his TNA debut in the crowd and distracted Ray long enough for Neal to hit him with a Spear for the win.

Up next we saw Hernandez face Matt Morgan. The pair powered each other around the ring with throws and tackles and the end saw Hernandez getting disqualified as he turned on Referee Brian Hebner.

Next we saw the British Asshole Desmond Wolfe, who was accompanied by his valet Chelsea, in a brutal Monsters Ball Match with The Monster himself Chris you know, Abyss. Tables, chairs, barbed wire, Kendo sticks and glass were all used in this bloody brawl.

Even though Abyss found himself face first in a mat full of glass at one stage in the match, he managed to muster up enough strength to slam Wolfe almost through the mat with a Black Hole Slam for the win.

Two great talents faced each other next for what was perceived as the best match of the event. ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles, who came to this fight with his manager Ric Flair, faced off against the not so ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal. After some great technical wrestling and some picture perfect athleticism the fight sadly came to an end as AJ seemed to botch a Top Rope move allowing Lethal to take full advantage and grab the win.

In the penultimate match we had Beer Money (James Storm and Robert Roode) vs. the oddball team of the Enigmatic Assholes (Jeff Hardy and Ken Anderson). After a very good match and a lot of false finishes we saw Ken Anderson hit the Mic Check on Roode for the 3 count.

Finally we saw the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and ‘The Whole F’in Show’ Rob Van Dam go up against ‘The Icon’ Sting. After a valiant effort from Sting, RVD retained his World Championship as Jeff Jarrett interfered and hit Sting with his own signature baseball bat. RVD then jumped to the top rope and flew through the air with a wonderful Five Star Frog Splash for the win.