Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Impact Wrestling - 10th June 2012

The show opened in the way which has become the norm in recent weeks on Impact Wrestling with clips of what has happened previously being shown. This week we saw highlights of the Dixie Carter and AJ Styles affair scandal with Kazarian and Christopher Daniels being shocked that Dixie had failed to address the rumours, how they exposed the truth and their plans to exacerbate the situation further live on air.

In the recap we also saw some of the aftermath of the President of TNA having heard Kaz and Daniels’ latest ‘evidence’ as she told a cameraman to get the camera out of her face as she made her way out of the building. Will Dixie Carter come clean?

Tenay answered that questions and said that Dixie will address the rumours in tonight’s show before we were shown her emotional response following the ‘evidence’. We saw last week that Dixie heard the recording of a telephone conversation between herself and AJ which was played at the end of Impact’s first live show of the summer and frantically tried to get it shut off. She made her way backstage and shouted “You’re finished” and fired random people on the spot.

A cameraman named Ryan followed her as she moved quickly through the building and was told to get out of her face. She reached the control room where David, the director of the show, was and boy did he get it in the neck. The Dixie Carter which we saw at that moment wasn’t the usual mild mannered woman which we are used to seeing as she cussed like a sailor and demanded to know who was behind what had happened.

David apologised and said that he didn’t know what was on the tape when he played it and Dixie saying, “You’re the fucking Director”, reminded him of his position within the company and demanded to know who did it. He was warned that he will be fired unless he finds out who is responsible.

Back in the ring, Dixie held on to a microphone and was visibly upset as we heard a mixed reaction from the crowd with some audience members booing and others chanting her name. She didn’t know what to say. She said that she has tried to find the right thing to say all week, but no matter what she comes up she said that someone is going to get hurt.

Dixie said that she feels sorry for Kaz and Daniels as she feels that they are so full of hate that they go around intentionally hurting other people, have big ego’s and insecurities. She said that they have thrown a “big rock in a serene pond” which has caused a ripple effect big and wide. She was ready to tell the truth as she felt that there was nothing else that she could do. She was just about to reveal what is really going on between herself and AJ Styles when Daniels’ music hit and the terrible twosome made their way in to the ring.

Daniels told Dixie not to listen to the boo’s and understands that it is hard but said that as he knows the truth he volunteered to help her to tell it. He said that Dixie made a mistake and would have been happy to hide it but got found out. Daniels thinks he knows why she fell for AJ and said that she should have just said that a “woman wants what a woman needs” but the real truth, according to Daniels is that she has a hole in her heart that her husband Serg couldn’t fill. Daniels probed for details; he wanted to know who called first and where they met up etc.

Dixie flipped and hysterically swung punches at him before getting backed in to the corner of the ring where she sat and kicked out at him. Daniels stooped over her and told her that he doesn’t care who she thinks she is and that she should not think that she can ever lay her hands on him.

AJ ran out to her defence and Kaz and Daniels bailed. Dixie remained in the corner and Serg came from out of the crowd to help her up. There was a moment where he just stood and looked between AJ and Dixie before he took a shot at AJ and knocked ‘The Phenomenal One’ to the mat before leaving the ring. The crowd shouted either ‘Photoshop’, ‘One more shot’ or ‘Slow mo shot’ it was difficult to decipher, and Taz said that what we had just witnessed was awkward.

AJ whispered something in to Dixie’s ear and they left together. Tenay said that it was an “uncomfortable situation” and Taz wasn’t sure what to say and after a break Tenay confirmed that AJ and Dixie had left the building together.

Crimson was introduced by Christie Hemme and as he made his entrance Tenay said “Yes the streak is on the line tonight” and that to be as dominant as he is with the deep and talented roster which TNA has you would think that it would be unheard of that Crimson is still undefeated.

Behind the entrance ramp we saw Samoa Joe and Austin Aries talking about respect. It was difficult to hear what Joe was saying over the noise of the show but he hoped that Aries would show some respect towards him.

Aries said that he and Joe have known each other a long time and that he “isn’t big on hidden messages or reading between the lines” and not that he would ever disrespect Joe, but if he did, he would know about it. He then handed Joe the bottle of water which he was holding and went out to face Crimson.

Crimson vs. Austin Aries

Ref: Brian Hebner

Aries got the match started with a Wrap Around which Crimson then turned into an Arm Drag to fling Aries away from him. The pair measured each other up and Aries proceeded to kick Crimson in the leg. Crimson had had enough and literally carried Aries into the corner where he hit him with a few Shoulder Thrusts and shouted “You’re nothing Aries” in his face. Crimson tried to continue his domination and whipped Aries in to the opposite corner. Aries attempted to lift himself up and over his opponent but was caught mid-air.

Aries managed to slide down Crimson and came back with a few Round Kicks and Body Shots. He really went to work on Crimson’s left leg in his rampage and even hung it over the ropes whilst he Dropkicked him, before hitting him with a Knee Breaker and a Discus Forearm with momentum. With Crimson leaning up against the ropes, Aries charged at him but was elevated over the top. He landed on the apron and dropped down to pull his undefeated opponents feet from underneath him to earn himself a two count as he Corkscrewed his way back in to the ring and on to Crimson from a Slingshot.

Despite not getting a win at this point Aries thought he was on a roll and moving back over to the ropes he sprung back on to Crimson. It looked like Aries’ comeback had come to an end as a pair of knees stopped him in his stride.

Using the ropes as an aid, Aries got to his feet and Crimson prepared him for a Red Sky but with some Head Scissors Aries countered and flipped him over and followed up with a Dropkick in the corner. Tenay thought that Aries was going to go for a Brain Buster but Crimson tossed him out of the ring.

Crimson stood in the ring for a few moments to catch his breath and went after Aries. Aries had been watching him and ducked in to the ring as Crimson stepped out. Bouncing off the ropes Aries hit a Suicide Dive through the middle rope and pinned Crimson up against the barrier before moving out of the way and allowing him to crash down on to the floor. Aries walked away for a moment and then turned back to throw Crimson back in to the ring.

Aries looked to go high risk and moved over to the corner. The commentary team were worried for Crimson’s winning streak.  Aries began to climb as Hebner checked on Crimson but Aries spotted Samoa Joe from the corner of his eye and dropped down on to the apron.

Joe swiped Aries’ legs from underneath him so that he ended up face planting the apron and falling to the floor. Joe picked him up and rolled him back in to the ring where Crimson saw him lying there and took the win.

Joe had raised the water bottle which Aries had given to him towards the man whom he’d just cost a win in a ‘cheers’ motion and Taz said that he doesn’t think that Joe was there to help Crimson by any stretch of the imagination. Tenay felt that Joe probably didn’t buy the explanation which Aries gave earlier behind the entrance ramp and said that Crimson is fortunate that he was there to intercept when he did.

Looking very pleased with himself, Crimson took to the mic and said that there is nobody there that can beat him and that he had just “Single handily beat Austin Aries”. He didn’t see Joe and said that he is our “undefeated hero” for a reason. The crowd weren’t impressed as they told him he sucked.

Crimson reminded us that he has been undefeated for 468 days, “way longer than that Goldberg guy” and proclaimed to be the most dominant man in pro wrestling today. He reckons that he will prove it at Slammiversary. My erm, ‘hero’ Crimson went on to issue and Open Challenge for the Pay per View where anyone can show up in Texas, fight him and lose by all accounts.

We cut to Hulk Hogan next, he was walking through a corridor and said that “It’s not be careful what you wish for, it’s be careful what you accept.” He said that he loves Brooke and thinks that she will do a great job but she needs to be careful with what he accepts as it is “game on” now. He also wants to know what is up with the whole AJ and Dixie thing and Roode dominating. He said that someone needs to stop that.

Brooke Hogan knocked on to Knockouts’ dressing room door and walked in to see Mickie James, Velvet 
Sky, Brooke Tessmacher and Tara. The new Executive in Charge complemented the girls endlessly and said that she wanted to formally introduce herself.

She went on to tell the girls that she is honoured to work there and is very excited. She wished the girls luck and told them that she is putting them in a four-way match to find out who will become the Number One Contender to face Gail Kim for the title. The girls seemed impressed with Brooke’s decision.She said it was good news that the girls get to “duke it out” as they are tough and could probably knock her out.

There were giggles galore as Brooke complimented them some more telling them that they are beautiful. Before Brooke left she wanted the girls to know that she is sticking by her word of getting them more media coverage outside of the wrestling industry to make them “bigger stars” and although she said that she loves all of the girls the first opportunity was going to “Miss Velvet”.

Brooke said that she had spoken to Montgomery Gentry and they want Sky in their music video and so she should “rinse off and wash all that sweat off” after their match and pack some stuff as Brooke has a jet waiting for her. James’ face dropped upon hearing the news and Tara and Tessmacher said that they were jealous but seemed pleased for Sky. The segment ended with a group hug which James had to be pulled in to.

Hulk Hogan made his way out to the ring and took his time about it, milking the crowd for all it was worth as they gave him “a slamming ovation” in the words of Taz. Tenay said that when it comes to Impact Wrestling the Hogan’s are “large and in charge” with some big news coming from Brooke about the four-way.

Hogan said that the party starts tonight for the 10 year anniversary for TNA. The crowd chanted “TNA” as Hogan told us that the party would run through Slammiversary and end next week at Impact Wrestling. Hogan said that he has a special gift for us and that gift is that next week the World Heavyweight Champion title will be defended, no matter who wins at Slammiversary X, live on Impact Wrestling.

Upon hearing this, the current champion, Bobby Roode, made an appearance and said that he has “a great idea”. His idea is that Hogan should shut his mouth and show him the respect that he deserves, as in recent weeks he has disrespected him. Hogan ruined his ‘Celebration of Domination’ and then surrounded the ring with lumberjacks. The General Manager tried to speak but Roode was not done talking yet.

Roode was pissed that Hogan had scheduled a 6 man tag team match for the show before Slammiversary and then he has to go back the following Thursday to defend again. He’s confident that he will win. Hogan interrupted and said “That’s the way it goes” but Roode told him once more that he was not finished speaking.

Pointing at Hogan, Roode said that he has figured him out. He said that Hogan is jealous of him and that even in his prime he could not lace up his wrestling boots. Roode feels that he is a better man, wrestler and World Champion than Hogan ever was and told him so. The crowd chanted Hogan’s name but Roode carried on. He told the General Manager that if he wants to fulfil that role then he should get his “General Manager ass” back in his office and do GM stuff. Grabbing a hand full of Hogan’s shirt, Roode told the GM that as a non-active wrestler he should get the hell out of his ring.

Sting made an appearance and Roode whooped his ass with some Punches and Stomps to the mat. Sting got straight back up but Roode had turned his attention back to Hogan. Hogan kept on pointing behind Roode but he didn’t get the hint for a moment. Turning back around he came face to face with ‘The Icon’ and issued him with a right hand to try and get him back down. His effort was in vain as starting with a Spinning Back Elbow Sting bounced Roode around the ring. He was all over him.

We took a quick peak in what Tenay said was the Knockouts’ locker room (but it just seemed to be an area backstage) much to the delight of Taz. He said “Oh boy” as the girls limbered up. We will find out who will face Gail Kim at Slammiversary later on.

SoCal Val and Anderson gave information about the TNA UK and Ireland tour which can be found here.

Joseph Park was talking to camera and said that he has been looking at the facts. He has gone from a concerned family member to a fan in the crowd. He never thought that he would be in front of a camera. Joseph said that he has always been in the business of truth and justice and that after Slammiversary he may get both.

Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara

Ref: Brian Stiffler

Tenay said that Sky is dying to get her belt back after she lost it in October to Gail Kim and Taz is more interested in seeing the ‘pigeons’ let loose than back story. Brooke Tessmacher has gone back to being ‘Miss Tessmacher’; possibly to avoid confusion with Brooke Hogan now being on the scene. Tenay wondered if T&T (Tessmacher and Tara) as recent tag team partners would work together and Taz said that it is every Knockout for herself.

The match started with Tessmacher taking on Sky and James taking on Tara as they exchanged punches until James and Tessmacher were taken down. Tara and Tessmacher turned their attention to Sky and whipped her off the ropes but couldn’t follow up with anything as Sky came back with a Boot for Tessmacher and a Clothesline.

James got back in on the action and levelled Tara who then rolled out on to the arena floor. With Tessmacher rolling herself out too and Sky looking up at the entrance ramp, James seized the opportunity to roll the most recent former Knockouts Champion, Velvet Sky up for a quick bridge pin.

Sky had been looking at the entrance ramp as Gail Kim was stood there blowing kisses to the crowd, as she does, before taking a seat at the commentary desk. James continued to dominate Sky and got a two count before we headed in to a break.

Coming back from a break is looked like she had kept the work up as she performed a Baseball Slide style Dropkick in to Sky who was held against the ropes by Tara in a Tarantula. Tara crashed down off the apron and James looked to set Sky up for something but Tessmacher put a stop to it by swooping through her legs to roll her up for two.

As James went to work on Tessmacher, Tenay asked Kim who she would prefer to face at Slammiversary. Kim counted the girls up and said that she has beaten all four of them and so she’s not bothered. Tenay bravely pointed out that some people may say that she won by questionable means to which she responded with “I don’t know what you are talking about”. Tenay refreshed her memory. She asked him if he realises that she is the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in the history of the company.

Back in the ring we saw Tessmacher reverse a whip from James and then climb the ropes above her. James blocked to knock her back down and went for a kick. Tessmacher caught James’ leg but it wasn’t a problem to James as she simply elevated herself to connect her right foot with Tessmacher’s face with an Enziguri for a two count.

Taz said that unlike Tenay he will not insult Kim as he respects her as a champion and has known her for a long time. Kim went on to tell us that she is the greatest women’s champion to have ever been in TNA as Tessmacher came back at James with a Jaw Breaker and a Neck Breaker for a pin attempt, which was broken up by Sky, at the count of two. Kim said that whoever gets the chance to face her is privileged as she thinks that she is a legend in the company. Still trying to stay on the right side of her, Taz agreed.

Sky stomped on Tessmacher as she lay on the mat of the ring. Getting up, Tessmacher issued Sky with a series of right hands before whipping her in to the ropes and charging at her. Sky threw her through the top and middle ropes and was quickly rolled up for two by Tara who had snuck back in to the ring. As Tara continued to dominate Sky with a few Shoulder Thrusts in the corner and another two count from a Float Over Suplex, Kim told us how the fans love her and Tweet her all the time because she is so accessible. Taz said that the fans love him too.

Tenay broke up their chat to ask Kim what she thinks about Brooke Hogan. After some ‘umming and ahhing’ Kim said that she has no problems with “Miss Hogan” just so long as she knows who her “shining star is”. That’s her by all accounts.

In the ring we saw a move which was used on May 20th 2012 in a match with Tessmacher, Kim and Sky. Tara locked in a Boston Crab on Sky, to pull a page out of the ‘Gail Kim book’ according to the Champ herself, and James came in to apply a Dragon Sleeper on Tara. Tessmacher joined in with “Submission Holds R Us” and got James in a Side Headlock. Kim said that Tessmacher is a rookie and has no idea what she is doing. Taz said that with the girls all locked in their holds it looked like “one giant hot octopus”. Kim told him to show some respect before going on to almost slag off the girls. She stopped herself and said “Show some respect when I’m in the ring”.

As the tower of holds collapsed Sky got a quick pin attempt on Tara. Failing to end the match, Sky put the boot in to Tara’s abdomen to send her flying out of the ring. With James clearing Tessmacher from the ring too, she was left to face Sky. Kim said that the girls are very slow and not very technical, unlike herself. She reckons that she is like a ninja. Sky took the offense with a series of chops before executing a Head Scissors Takeover to send James to the mat. James answered with a Flapjack before Tara got in to the ring to take her over the top rope and to the floor.

Tara repositioned Sky and climbed to the top rope ready for a Moonsault. Sky rolled out of the way and took herself out of the ring causing Tara to miss her mark. Kim was almost impressed; she said it was “almost athletic” but said that Tara is supposed to be a veteran. Taz said that sometimes you take a chance and sometimes you crash and burn. Not wanting to offend the Knockouts Champion he quickly said “Unlike you; that never happens”. Tenay said that Kim and Taz were having a “love fest”. She said that if he showed more respect then she would pay more attention to him.

Tessmacher got back in the ring to face Tara and hit her with a right Forearm. Tara knocked her clean to the mat and dragged her back up by her hair. Kim said that she thought they were friends as Tessmacher fought her way back with more Forearms, taking her usual partner back across the ring. Tenay said that they spoke about the T&T tag team earlier on and this is what happens when there is a title shot at stake; the friendship and tag team partnership goes out of the window. 

Tessmacher found her attempt at whipping Tara off the ropes reversed and ended up getting caught in Tara’s Spider’s Web. Having taken Tessmacher down, Tara stepped on and over her ready for a Standing Moonsault as Kim said that this is what happens when you care too much about your body and what you look like, “what you bring in the ring is what’s important”.

Tara took too much time showboating in the build up to her move and received Sky’s boot to her gut. Sky followed up with a DDT and turned to the turnbuckle to see James going high risk. James came down with a Thesz Press to floor Sky and seeing her get up, she took her straight back down with a High Wheel Kick. Kim thinks that James might have this match.

Tessmacher got in the ring behind Mickie and grabbing hold of her arm she lifted and slammed her to the mat for the win. Kim exclaimed “the rookie?” and said “whatever, doesn’t matter to me” before applauding Tessmacher and saying “good job”. Tenay said that he and Taz had spoken about it earlier and he thinks that “Miss Tessmacher has Gail Kim’s number” and we may have a new champion at Slammiversary. Kim stood speechless for a second and asked Tenay what he had said; she clearly wasn’t impressed but wished Tessmacher luck.

Bully Ray was backstage and he was talking about the contract signing between himself and Joseph Park which we will see shortly. He said that we know exactly what we can expect at the signing tonight and is taking the old contract and getting rid of it. Ray was holding a new contract; a contract which “Joseph Park will have the fiduciary responsibility to sign if he really has his brother’s best interest in mind”. Just before we headed in to another break, Ray said that “A meeting of the minds is coming up” and it’s one that we don’t want to miss.

After the break we had a recap of Dixie almost revealing the truth about herself and AJ before being interrupted by the Tag Team Champions. Then we were shown Hulk Hogan talking on his mobile phone backstage. He said that if anybody understands then it’s him but reminded the person that he was speaking to that it is a live show.

It was AJ, and Hogan said that he doesn’t care about his personal life and told him that he has a job to do and is booked in the main event. Hogan told him to get back as quickly as he can as that’s the way it goes now that he is running the show. Upon hanging up, the General Manager called his employee a “Son of a bitch”.  

In the ring, Jeremy Borash stood ready to set the scene for something which he never thought he would see. He introduced Bully Ray and Joseph Park to the ring so that they could sign a contract for their match at Slammiversary where we will see a “20+ year veteran, one half of the most decorated tag team of all time and self-proclaimed bully stepping in the ring against an attorney, a lawyer, a man that will readily admit that he has never been in a fight before in his life.”

Ray was out first and made his way down to the ring to a chorus of “You suck” from the crowd. Tenay said that we heard from Ray just moments ago and is confused by the big words which he used too, and Taz said that he didn’t know that Ray knew about legal stuff. Once in the ring Ray stood in front of the mic and asked for his music to be shut off before asking if people know who he is. Getting in JB’s face he asked again and placed the mic down for JB to introduce “his opponent Joseph Park”.

As Joseph made his entrance we heard nothing but the sound of the crowd who seem to be on his side. Joseph looked anxious prompting Taz to say that earlier the lawyer had said that he is all about truth and justice but come Slammiversary “he might feel some discomfort and pain”. Commentary went on to discuss how Joseph isn’t a wrestler and has never fought before when Taz said that he’s learnt how to get in the ring now.

“It’s now time to put pen to paper” as JB placed a pen on top of the contract ready for it to be signed to make the proposed match official. Ray picked up the contact and the crowd made it clear that they want tables, but he didn’t want anything which was written in that contract, and so he ripped it up and threw the pieces in to the air saying that it was a “Standard wrestling contract for a standard wrestling match”, and they aren’t having one of those in Ray’s eyes.

Ray held up the new contract and told Park that it has a “hold harmless” clause. Ray doesn’t want to be liable for anything, so even if he breaks Joseph’s bones or gouges his eyes out the contract will ensure that he has been relieved of any of the repercussions which would usually follow. He said that that is the contract which he is signing and the one which Joseph will sign too. Ray signed the contract and handed it over to the heavily perspiring lawyer telling him to “sign it now”.

Joseph began to read over the contract, as any person in his line of work would, and Ray told him that he doesn’t need to read it.  Joseph told Ray that he is not signing it as he is not crazy enough to put his physical well-being on the line like that. He has told Ray before that he has never been in a fight and said that he is just an attorney and what Ray needs is a really good doctor. Joseph point blankly refused to sign it. 

Ray looked awfully accepting of this and offered a handshake. Joseph was a bit dubious and asked if Ray was sure that he was ok with him not signing. Joseph took Ray’s hand and ‘The Bully’ spat in his face and asked “what about now?” Abyss’ brother stayed calm and wiped his eyes with his handkerchief before addressing Ray again. This infuriated Ray no end and he threw a chair.

Joseph said that for the last ten years of his life, his brother gave his life to the company, spilled his blood and gave his body for all of the fans. He was angered that Ray would dare to try to desecrate Abyss’ legacy by what he has done. Joseph stood up tall and said that if Ray wants an all-out fight at Slammiversary then he has got one, and he’s not doing it for himself or the fans but for his brother. Ray was pleased that he was finally going to sign and mid signature we heard the bang of some pyros.

Abyss appeared on the screen and said that the whole of their lives Joseph has been opening doors which he has no business in opening. He wanted his brother to look at the situation which he’s gotten himself into after having been warned for weeks to step away from the fire or he was going to get burned; but now it’s too late. Joseph said that he was just trying to help him and that he was doing it so that he could come back, but Abyss said that he didn’t need his help and never has.

Abyss turned his attention to Ray and said that he had said that he left him for dead. He asked if he looks dead to him and both he and his brother will find out just how alive he is at Slammiversary. After some heavy breathing and wheezing from ‘The Monster’, the screen went blank and Joseph asked for his brother not to go. With Joseph still looking at the screen, Ray took a cheap shot and knocked him down with a forearm.

Next we were played a video from earlier on today which featured Devon and Garett Bischoff. Garett said that the two Robbie’s cannot be trusted and knows that in Devon’s match against Robbie E later tonight, Robbie T will be right behind him. Garett wants to be in Devon’s corner and said that it would be an honour if he allowed him to be there.

Devon said that he likes Garett and he sees something in him. He thinks that Garett has a lot of heart and said that he would be honoured to have him there in his corner. Devon told Garett that he must not cut corners and he has to ‘bring it’. Whatever ‘it’ is, Garett said he’s going to take it.

Tenay spoke briefly about the TNA Hall of Fame (I have a post about this here) and quickly moved on to speak about the Gut Check challenge which we saw with Joey Ryan on Open Fight Night. Tenay wanted to know if Taz had had any second thoughts over the decision which he made about the wrestler. Taz said no; he knows that he was confrontational but he felt that Ryan had disrespected the judges. He told Ryan that he needs to get better and hanging out on Twitter and YouTube won’t make him improve.

We then saw a video from after last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling when Ryan had failed to secure a contract with TNA. Ryan said that he trended on Twitter and that Taz is not the ‘Human Suplex Machine’, he knows nothing apparently. He said that Taz is just a commentator and is a joke. Al Snow had heard what Ryan had said and approached him. He told him to shut up and stop talking to camera before escorting his egotistical ass out of there.

Robbie E vs. Devon – Television Championship

Ref: Earl Hebner

The two Robbie’s were sporting matching cardigans again, and as promised, Devon allowed Garett to accompany him to the ring to stand in his corner. Commentary reminded us that Devon and Garett worked together at Open Fight Night against Big Rob and Bigger Rob after they jumped in to their match.
Robbie E dominated early on with some kicks and a few Shoulder Thrusts in the corner. Devon came back with some shots to the top of his opponents head. Robbie E responded with a Knee Breaker and choked Devon with his knee over by the ropes.

Madison Rayne was stood at the top of the ramp watching the match whilst applying lip gloss. This narrows down who her fancy man could be. Taz said that may be it is Robbie E that she has taken a shine to and they could share hair product tips.  Robbie E landed himself a few pin attempts and Devon came back again with a series of moves including a Flying Head-butt and stopped to feed off the crowd.

Devon moved over to the corner where Robbie T pulled his feet from underneath him. Garett tried to reprimand Robbie T and the pair argued. Earl went over to try and calm the situation. Back in the ring Devon had Robbie E wrapped up in a tight package for the pin but Robbie T left Garett to argue it out with Earl whilst he went and rolled Robbie E over so that he was pinning Devon.

Earl had caught a glimpse of what Bigger Rob had done and ordered him out of the ring. Behind the action, Garett corrected the pin and rolled it back over. Earl turned and put in the three count which saw Devon claim the victory once again and retain his title. Robbie T wasn’t amused and went to attack Devon from behind. A bit of a brawl broke out between all four men and it was Devon and Garett who cleared the ring with Clotheslines just as they did a couple of weeks ago.

Another recap followed which showed Sting getting in to the ring and fighting it out with Roode as he spoke to Hogan earlier on.

Hulk Hogan was back in the ring and Tenay said that the GM might get the chance to make the announcement about next week’s Impact Wrestling which he tried to make earlier. Hogan wasn’t impressed that Roode had rudely interrupted him. Tenay guesses that it must be a theme as Ken Anderson interrupted too and called for his mic at the top of the ramp to introduce himself.

Tenay wondered if Hogan would ever get to finish his speech. Getting in to the ring, Anderson stood and listened to the “Asshole” chants from the crowd before asking if they were indeed calling him an asshole. He thanked them and told Hogan that he believes that he was about to say that he is going to get a title shot next week. Hogan told Anderson that he should cool his jets. Hogan played with the crowd and got them to say “Anderson” as he said that with “Mr. Asshole’s” permission he’ll carry on with his announcement.

Hogan called out Rob Van Dam and then Jeff Hardy once he was in the ring with Anderson. We’re at risk of spending more time watching entrances than actual wrestling here. Anderson piped up and said “You’re not honestly telling me that you’re gonna give one of these frickin’ clowns a match?” Hogan’s voice was going after all of his talking as he proposed a three way match between them at Slammiversary, where the winner will face whoever the champion is live on Impact Wrestling next week.  

Commentary questioned who the number one contender will be as they went through the Slammiversary card which you can see here.

Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Sting

Ref: Brian Hebner

Tenay said that Roode has got his hands full with ‘The Insane Icon’ and could lose the title and reminded us that Angle is not happy with Kaz and Daniels after they have interfered in a spate of his matches. As Angle made his entrance Taz said that he looks locked and loaded and in the “danger zone”. AJ was introduced and his music was played but he didn’t show. After a moment of waiting, Sting’s music hit and he made his entrance. It looks like it is going to be three on two without AJ.

Kaz and Daniels faced Sting and Angle as Roode stood on the apron. Angle applied an Angle Lock on Kaz as Sting simultaneously got Daniels in a Scorpion Deathlock. The tag team champs made it to the ropes, broke the holds, and then slid to the floor. Taz said that Roode could have done something to help there but didn’t; probably because Angle and Sting were stood staring holes through him when he tried to go in, so he thought better of it.

Daniels faced Sting alone and covered him for two after a break before locking in a Rear Chinlock. Sting fought out, but Daniels kept the offense and tagged in Kaz. We saw a quick switch from the pair as Daniels hit a Slingshot Elbow and Kaz followed up with a Slingshot Leg Drop for two. Sting found himself in the corner after receiving a flurry of Forearms from Kaz where Roode and Daniels double-teamed him from the apron. Taz showed concern for Sting’s condition for Slammiversary after Kaz hit him with a Spinning Heel Kick for another two count.

Sting was soon thrown in to the path of Roode who greeted him with a kick to the ribs and a Knee Drop before standing on his throat for good measure.  Tenay said that it was unlike AJ to not turn up for a match and Taz pointed out that they may not know AJ at all. Sting tried to forge a comeback and set up a Stinger Splash on Roode, but ended up eating the turnbuckle as Roode moved out of the way. Angle tried to tag in and give his team mate a break but Daniels knocked him off the apron.

Sting found himself surrounded by all three of his opponents. Roode was loving it as the men stomped on their opponent and soon held the man who he’ll be facing at Slammiversary in a Cross Face submission. AJ made a timely appearance and rushed in to the ring to take on all of his opponents. He hit Roode hard with a Pele after going to work on Daniels.

Angle focused on Kaz and hit him with a Flying Forearm before Suplexing him out of the ring. Daniels got back in to the ring and set his sights on AJ. He didn’t get the chance to pick up momentum as AJ connected with a Pele, sending him to the floor. AJ flew out of the ring after him with a Somersault and hit the men who set out to ruin him along with his comrade, Kurt Angle.

Roode went back to dirty tactics and tried to hit Sting with the title belt, but Sting reacted quickly and locked in his second Scorpion Deathlock of the night on the champion. Roode tapped out giving Sting the win for his team.

Before the show ended Sting picked up Roode’s belt and taunted him. Roode said “That’s my belt” and Sting threw it back to him.