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TNA Xplosion - 12th June 2012

This episode of Xplosion began with JB, Jeremy Borash, interviewing Bobby Roode on Impact Wrestling after he was forced to tap out at the hands of Sting during the tag team match which we saw on Sunday 10th June 2012. Roode dismissed his loss and said that he is “the freakin’ World Champion” and nobody can take that away from him; not Sting, Hogan, JB or anybody else, because at Slammiversary he will walk away as a Champion, just as he has done for the last seven months.

As Roode walked back up the ramp to leave the arena, JB said that he’s unsure as to whether he has ever seen Roode as distraught as he was just then before heading over to see if he could have a word with Sting, who was meeting with some fans.

JB congratulated Sting on the win and said that he must be feeling the momentum. Sting looked out in to the crowd at the fans who had painted their faces just like his and asked how he couldn’t feel the momentum with the fans being “all over up there”. He said that two weeks in a row he has proven that it can be done, “Bobby Roode can be beat”. Sting asked if he could hear a “three-peat” and said that he’s going to have to buy the patent of that saying from retired basketball coach Pat Riley. JB wished Sting luck for Slammiversary as he wrapped up Impact and we headed in to Xplosion.

JB kicked off Xplosion in the usual fashion by telling us what is coming up in the run up the the Slammiversary X celebrations. He was joined by Pat Kenney who took us in to the first match by saying that we will see “Power vs. Power”.

Robbie T vs. Samoa Joe

Ref: Brian Stiffler

Robbie T came out to Robbie E’s music and lifted up ‘The List’ at the top of the ramp before handing it over to Big Rob. They were again sporting matching cardigans. Robbie T had to let himself in to the ‘VIP area’ as Robbie E headed over to the commentary desk. Kenney asked JB what was better than one Jersey guy. Two Jersey guys is the answer. JB asked to what they owe the pleasure of Robbie E’s presence.

As Joe came out JB said that we have a match up for two big men and Kenney said that they are immovable. Big Rob interrupted their conversation about the two wrestlers to ask if the headset would ruin his hair. He was afraid that he wouldn’t make it on to ‘The List’ and said that they should have gotten him a special headset. Kenney asked if he was on ‘The List’. He made it purely on the fact he’s from Jersey.

Robbie T took the early advantage as he punched and kicked at Joe in the corner but Joe soon took it back as he unloaded on his opponent with a closed fist. Stiffler broke it up and Bigger Rob whipped Joe in to the corner and charged at him. Joe moved and Robbie ate turnbuckle before being hit with Joe’s CCS Ensiguri.

Robbie E didn’t like what he was seeing as his tag team partner sat dazed in the corner. He certainly wasn’t going to like the next move then as Joe washed Robbie T’s face with the sole of his boot and then hit him with a Running Face Wash to make sure he was clean.

After a break we saw Robbie T push Joe away as he went for a Muscle Buster and then stomp him in to the mat. Robbie T kept up the offense with a Jaw Breaker and stopped to feed off the crowd. Joe fought back with a few punches as he got to his feet and went to run the ropes but was hit with a Double Axe for two. Robbie T asked if Stiffler was kidding him and kept on at Joe with a submission on his neck. Joe soon fought his way out but was taken down with an Axe Smash.

Robbie E said that Robbie T looks so much better since he’s been hanging around with him and he’s even taught him how to wear shiny green pants. Kenney explained to JB that “if you look good, you play better”. Joe got Robbie T with an Atomic Drop, a Running Boot to the face and a Senton Bomb in quick succession for two before getting another two with a Leg Lariat soon after.

Joe went to run the ropes again after issuing Rob with a chop but was caught in a Choke Hold ready for a Choke Slam. Robbie E told him to end it and Robbie T asked his partner if he was ready to see him take Joe down. Joe used the interaction to his advantage and got Robbie T with a Rear Naked Choke. Robbie E told him to get to the ropes but he was forced to tap out. Kenney was shocked that Joe had gotten him to tap as Robbie E left the desk to be by his friends’ side.

Spin Cycle

“It’s time for another ride on the Spin Cycle!”

Borash wasn’t on the phone at the start of this segment this week as he was stood with SoCal Val to introduce us to a very special edition of Spin Cycle. Val said “I’m Valerie Wyndham and welcome to the pageant” as JB told us that it is the very first Mr TNA Spin Cycle Pageant.

Whilst most pageants’ are about world peace, this one is about finding the “world’s best piece of meat” by all accounts. JB was about to introduce the judges for the contest when he turned around the see Robbie T standing there with ‘The List’. Robbie pointed out that nobody gets past him unless they are on ‘The List’. Turns out that a bit of cash could make Robbie T back down as JB handed over his money.

The judges were:

-         Miss Sarah Mathers - Current Miss Beauty Queen UK
-         Miss Jade Brooker - Current Miss Teen Beauty Queen UK
-         Gail Kim - TNA Knockouts Champion

Kim came out and moaned that the other girls got more whistles than she did and said that with her being there they didn’t need any more girls as she’s the “Smartest and prettiest girl” on the roster. She complemented the girls on the crowns which they were wearing and said that she has a friend who also likes to wear crowns, but she is so much prettier than them. Val asked for some decorum. JB said that despite their opinions it is a pleasure for him to share a stage with three beautiful women, and Val too. Val clearly wasn’t impressed by his comment. Kim asked that if you’re going to be a judge shouldn’t you need some brains. JB shushed the Champ and turned his attention to the Beauty Queens.

JB asked the girls what the process is for becoming a Beauty Queen and sounding terribly British, Teen UK said that it is a lot of hard work as you have to go to the gym and get a tan etc. Kim asked “What do you do? Just prance around?” They both said that you have to know your stuff and there is a lot of preparation involved.

JB said that the girls had been asked there specifically to judge one of the greatest rivalries ever as to who should be Mr TNA Spin Cycle, Robbie E or Magnus. Val explained what the men would be judged on. Categories included: Brains, Brawn and Dress Sense.

Robbie E was out first and Val introduced him saying that he like’s tanning, working out, doing laundry and watching cartoons every Saturday morning. JB explained that each girl was to ask the contestants a question and then pick a winner based upon the answers which were given. Kim asked if she would have the final say and JB said that it was a best of three vote.

Sarah went first and asked:

What would be your ideal first date?

For Robbie E’s ideal first date he would get Robbie T to pick up the girl in his car so that she could cruise to wherever they were meeting. It would be a surprise location but they would go to ‘The Club’ and be on ‘The List’. He would get them drunk and take them back to his place to crash and in the morning they would get to go home with a pair of his sunglasses.

The girls seemed impressed. Val said that it is safe to say that Robbie E is a romantic and JB pointed out that girls get treated differently in the UK.

Jade asked:

What qualities do you have?

Robbie E asked if she even needs to ask that and said “Look at me, look at my chain and perfect spray tan”. He said that if we don’t believe it from looking at the “real deal” then we should look at how photogenic he is as he pointed to a picture of himself on the VIP entrance board.

Val introduced the person that may have the hometown advantage, with the majority of the judges being from the UK, Magnus. Magnus had to let himself in through the rope and purposefully knocked the poles over. JB asked him to be careful as they have no budget for the show.

JB asked Magnus if he knows the Beauty Queens. Magnus confirmed that he has never met them before. Saying that Magnus is a fellow countryman, JB asked their girls for their thoughts on him. Sarah asked where he was from and JB said that she may have seen him on Gladiators as Oblivion. Magnus mumbled and said “OK” and JB said that Magnus doesn’t like bringing that point up.

Sarah asked Magnus the same question which she asked Robbie E:

What would be your ideal first date?
Magnus said that he’s not trying to sway anyone but being British and being a foodie, he likes to cook. He makes a mean Thai Green Chilli and would invite them over for a meal. Sarah was impressed saying “It’s good for a guy to cook.”

Jade asked again:

What qualities do you have?

Magnus asked how much time they have prompting JB to say that he has “humbility” first and foremost. Magnus agreed that he is humble and said that we all know that he is a regular on Spin Cycle and is a “wordsmith” as he doesn’t usually have trouble mincing his words; but women like a listener and he is a listener. Jade was suitably impressed.

JB said that it was all over to Jade now, but he meant Kim. She was of course overly offended that he thinks that she would be like the Beauty Queens’ or Jade, “a girl with no brains”. JB apologised and said that they are guests.

Kim said that Magnus clearly has a sense of humour and is therefore on the right kind of track but she wanted to know what kind of talent he has. Magnus said that its funny she should ask. He said that he wasn’t going to sing but apparently he’s good at impersonations. He headed over to centre stage and asked if the crew could pretend to start the Spin Cycle again.

Magnus faced the back and turned around with his phone against his ear pretending to talk to Jim Bowen as he impersonated JB. JB said that it was funny and that it would be really funny if he could mimic Val. Kim said that he was definitely in the lead as he made a crude remark. Val told him that it was his “one chance to do SoCal Val” and that he shouldn’t disappoint us. Magnus said that he remembered “that parking lot” before ‘femming up’. He did his impression and Val was critical saying that she doesn’t stand or sound like he just did.

JB welcomed back Robbie E ready for the voting. Val went over to Sarah first and asked for her vote. As she said that she had picked Magnus, Eric Young made an appearance. Val said that it was our surprise third guest. EY said that we should not count the sabre toothed tigers before they had hatched; it was something his mum had taught him. He said that he had heard the questions backstage and is the dark horse of the competition. The other competitors seemed afraid and Kim asked if they were scared of a little competition.

EY said that he is the only married man stood there and is therefore going to have amazing qualities and he smells great. He said that for his talent he’s a world class kisser but he has a real deal breaker and stripped to his pants. EY was declared the winner and took his walk of victory. Robbie E said that that was supposed to be his walk as he was supposed to win. JB said that it was a glorious day. Robbie E told EY that he ruins everything. Web Match of the Week

This weeks’ match was Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett at Slammiversary IX in 2011 where Angle was victorious with an Angle Lock as Jarrett tapped out. You can find a review of this match and event, written by Greg of SLTD Wrestling here.

Before the Bell

Next up we saw highlights of Before the Bell for Slammiversary in the build up to Roode’s match against Sting. The whole show can be seen below: