Thursday, 28 June 2012

Austin Aries – Option C

Desination X

We all know that “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” (Not to be confused with Greg from SLTD who is the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived due to copyright infringements), Austin Aries, wants to be a main event star and will do whatever it takes to get there and so Hulk Hogan had a proposition for him.

Hogan believes in Aries and said that he is the greatest wrestler that he has ever seen. He knows that Aries is hungry for the World Heavyweight Championship and is willing to give him a title shot at Destination X but on one condition; Aries would have to drop his X Division Championship belt as Hogan cannot have one man as the champion of both divisions and therefore holding all of the gold.

Aries knows that the stakes are high; if he wins, he's the World Heavyweight Champion but if he loses, he’ll walk away with nothing. Aries has worked hard to get to where he is now and asked Hogan if he expected him to just hand his belt over. Hogan understood that it would be a hard decision to make and gave him a week to make it.

Aries Chooses Option C

Aries was faced with his dilemma on Impact Wrestling on June 14th 2012 and by the 20th he’d made his decision. He’d picked ‘Option C’ but we weren’t to find out what his decision was until Open Fight Night.

AA Decision

Hogan opened Open Fight Night by saying that when you ask for change you have to be ready for it and shortly afterwards called Aries out to make his decision. Aries came out to a great crowd reaction and a huge “Austin Aries” chant broke out. The Champ said “Thank you, I know my name” and asked for the fans to quieten down as he had something important to say. He reminded us of what his choices were:

Option A:  Relinquish the X Division Championship and hand over his belt to take the great opportunity which Hogan had offered him of a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Roode


Option B: Continue his reign as the most dominant X Division Champion in TNA history.

Aries knows that Option A is a no-brainer as everybody wants to be ‘the man’ and to be ‘the man’ he feels that you need to be the World Heavyweight Champion. Aries is worried that if he hands over his belt it will lose its meaning. The X Division is what TNA was built on and has showcased some of the greatest talent that the company has ever seen. So that the belt will not lose his meaning he wanted to take Option C. Aries hopes that Option C will ensure that the X Division title holds its value or becomes even more valuable.

Hogan cut Aries off mid speech and said that he laid out the options clearly last week and is not going to let one man hold the belt of two divisions as things aren’t like they used to be. He said that if Aries has a plan then it best be a good one because as far as he is concerned there are only two options; Option A or B. Aries said that he is willing to hand over his belt and wrestle Roode for the World Heavyweight title but under one condition:

Option C: Every year at the Destination X Pay per View, whoever is holding the X Division Championship gets the same opportunity as Aries did, and can trade in their title for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Aries wants to set a new standard within the X Division and feels that what he put forward would make the division title more prestigious. Hogan likes Aries’ vision and accepted his terms. So there we have it; Austin Aries despite being much lighter and smaller than other wrestlers may become our new World Heavyweight Champion next month.

Aries took to Twitter to tell us that Option C allows him to hang on to his current title and therefore provides him with a bit of insurance going into the World Heavyweight Title Match.

AA Decision 1

AA Decision 2

AA Decision 3

My question to you is, who do you think will be crowned as the next X Division Champion after Aries vacates the title and how will it be decided who the champion will be?